Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carrion Crown Craziness

So, I have to say that if Pathfinder is making a point to diversify their campaign styles so that everyone can have a favorite, mine would be Carrion Crown. I've run Crimson Throne but it just can't compete with the kind of fun that can be had with gothic horror. There's a certain stylistic cool factor that can be had with cults, ghosts, haunted PRISONs (way better than a haunted house), and ghostly serial killers. A cool factor I positively adore.

Last session was also pretty damn cool. We managed to:

* explore the ground floor barring one locked door that nobody managed to unlock so we've assumed there's hopefully a key we can find somewhere,

* re-stock from their infirmary (it creeped my character, Miranda, out that no one had gotten that far to loot it before),

* get ourselves branded by floating irons (Miranda and Ezio did, anyway),

* beat up Ezio rather than let him run away in terror from a poltergeist into the depths of the prison (well, I tried to trip him up - it was Ruttiger, our NPC rogue, who waved at him to distract him in his terror and then tried to clock him one upside the head),

* try to lighten the mood with an intermittent dialogue about the best brothel in town (Miranda's fault, that one, about elven worshippers of a certain goddess who would animate their hair... Boy was Ruttiger annoyed because we'd journeyed near that jungle in back story.)

* and, of course, we actually managed to find toilets. I mean, toilets! When do game designers ever bother to include toilets in an adventure? We were thrilled! We were literally going to break out a bottle of wine to celebrate. But two of the players were P platers who had to drive home later. So we settled for coca cola.

Not much of an Actual Play, I know, but it'll do for now. Maybe next time I'll make it into a story.

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