Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WoD To Do With Luciferans, Part 1.

Luciferans are an interesting faction in Demon: the Fallen. They're all about re-forming an army and looking for their general - Lucifer - wherever he may be so that they might serve him once more, have another shot at Heaven, and finally have some meaning back in their lives. They're divided into three sections: the Legion of Stark Defiance (logistics and supplies), the Legion of Glorious Victory (section focused on the actual war duties) and the Legion of Majestic Liberation (focused on finding Lucifer). They're not so keen on Reconcilers (who want to befriend God) and Cryptics (too contemplative and with no drive) but are cool with Faustians (driven, at least) and Raveners (one day destruction will get old and they'll rejoin the military).

Themes: Army Without Purpose; Defiance Toward God; Subservience Toward Luciferan Authority; Weight of Authority; Us vs. Them.

Moods: Expectant Anticipation; Compliance; Obedience. Think of War Movies and Survivalist tales where the only people you can trust are meant to be those in your bunker.

Plot Hooks:

1. A Research Facility has been established in partnership with the Cryptics. There's a need for scientists, researchers, capture teams, and security personnel.

2. A pack-less werewolf has offered his services as a drill sergeant to get the team to work together. His price is the destruction of those who killed off his pack. He refuses to name them until after the deal is done.

3. An ancient bastion is discovered and, while it is small, it's heavily secured with Fallen traps and strange creatures. If you've ported Demon into nWoD, it might not be a bastion at all and may instead be an Atlantean ruin.

4. A ranking Luciferan has gotten himself into some trouble and the Reconcilers have him in their iron sights. It's rumored they've even gone against their usual scruples and hired Raveners to assault him. Is this true or just a Luciferan effort to knock off an obnoxious Fallen and darken the Reconciler's good name at the same tiem? One way or the other, the PCs are the bodyguards.

5. The PCs are ordered to extract a Luciferan from the Legion of Majestic Liberation who stumbled a little too far into Cryptic business and is currently being held hostage in a bastion.

6. A Reconciler witnessed something terrible conducted by the Faustians and the Luciferans need her alive and ready to testify at the local Infernal Court. The trouble is keeping her safe and protected when all she wants to do is get back to her own faction.

7. A trio of Raveners have thrown themselves onto Luciferan mercy in a bid to join their faction. Are they telling the truth or are they trying to insert themselves as double agents? The risks are high and the PCs are responsible for figuring out the truth of the situation.

8. A museum has a rather interesting meteorite that has come into its collection. The truth is it's not iron at all, or anything similar, but syr metal. The Luciferans must steal it for the Legion of Stark Defiance.

9. There's a need for skilled help and humans have better skills than some of the Fallen. Enthrall a team of experts (SWAT, Spetsnaz, etc.) to teach the Luciferan the tricks of the trade and to provide assistance.

10. An important ritual is going down in town. It's important to keep it from being interrupted lest all the Luciferans involved get wiped out by the dangerous elements. It's also vital to keep the nosy Cryptics from learning how to use the ritual. Unfortunately, ritual magic of that calibre leaves quite a mystical footprint and any Fallen in a several mile radius.

11. The Minister of Aurochs wants assistance in setting up security over a couple of strategic infernal court locations. By assistance, he means that he wants to pass the buck onto the PCs.

12. Strategic Retreat. The city is under attack and the Minister of Lions calls upon the resident Luciferans to help all the Fallen retreat outside of city limits before the calamity occurs. The trick is to find and extract the hidden members of the other factions.

13. The Raveners are getting uppity and verbal against the Luciferan Tyrant and the Faustians are jumping on the band wagon. It's important to intimidate the rebels into submission ... but how do you intimidate someone with nothing to lose?

14. A Luciferan Historian has been chronicling the history of the world so that they can come closer to locating Lucifer. Unfortunately, that means delving into some very strange places and she needs support. Guess who has to provide support as she conducts her investigations within the city?

15. There's a nest of strange vampiric creatures deep within the Undercity and they're causing trouble on the local level. The Minister of Lions wants them gone and wants them gone now. He turns to the PCs to get it done.

Next up will be Goals and Daily Activities.


  1. I actually had a Player whose character changed sides to the Faustians because he was so severely disillusioned after meeting with Lucifer. In the scene upon realizing whom he was speaking with the character pledged his services to the Devil ready to reignite the flames of war. Satan said, (I'm paraphrasing its been years since I ran this) I know you're trying but that's not what I want there's more important things right now, like Earthbound. The character was so fanatical in his belief he couldn't accept Lucifer didn't want to use humanity as a war instrument.

    1. Some Luciferans are so fanatical even Lucifer can't sway them.

      Might've been part of the reason why he's stayed hidden for so long.