Thursday, March 22, 2012

Overuse Injury & Plans For The Future

Well, again, sorry for the disappearance, but I've had an overuse injury in my forearms and so have backed off on personal use of the computers to save up my typing-without-pain-time for work-related reasons. Easing off on it has certainly shown some improvements, so I'm confident that I can now type up the odd blog article for you guys again. I'll be aiming to get back into the old schedule.

I've got three more For Players articles and three more A Caving Survival Horror articles before I start something new. I'm thinking to run you two new series on some Campaign Creation guides, worldbuilding and information on both how I've created an Action Hero / Explorer-type pirate-based Pathfinder campaign (and later on how the game is going) and how I've created an Investigation / Explorer type Demon: the Fallen campaign. I look forward to relating the various shenanigans of the players.

One those other two previously mentioned series have ended, I'll be doing the Pathfinder one on Mondays (I run Pathfinder Monday nights) and the Demon: the Fallen one on Fridays (I run it on Saturday).

Obviously, for my players who are reading this, both will contain spoilers so please don't read these articles. I'll try not to put in massive spoilers but some spoilers will be necessary in any worldbuilding sections, so it's best not to read them until you're onto a different campaign.

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