Monday, January 14, 2013

Flashpoint Preparation

For those who are curious, my Flashpoint preparation today has been a few images (an armoured figure on a wall), the gatehouse, the gardens before the fortified manor, a few low level traps from the GM's Guide and a handful of monsters that I've sourced from the Bestiaries (undead, naturally).  There's a few other things I could have done for preparation but at this stage I feel like it's enough.  Throwing traps at them will be a bit interesting because they have no rogue but I'm not planning on putting any big, bad traps in their way.  For starters, it's just not cost-effective considering what the castle is used to guarding against.

Oh, I also have plenty of NPCs in mind.

This will be an interesting game.  I only wonder if Proteus will get far enough along to see it before fleeing for his life.  I know that if stubborn Lhye has anything to say about it they will continue until they've found their way through.  Not sure where they'll go once they've accomplished the "Find Lhye's mother" quest.  Back to Riddleport by the stones or to Andoren via the rivers, more than likely, but where after?

Oh, who am I kidding?

They have a likely treasure map.

Time to research the Shackles.

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