Sunday, October 12, 2014

Real World Inspiration for Your Fantasy Games

These real world locations and these would make fantastic inspirational settings for both fantasy and world trotting adventures.  These are some really marvelous places I would never have dreamt up on my own and it's not so hard to look up more information on these ones.  The deepest pool, in particular, would make a great part of a dungeon.


  1. Also, I think sometimes people forget the "because I can" aspect of architecture. Given how handwavey games often are about leaving traps and loot lying around, creatures with no food sources, random assortments of monsters and where all these bandits come from, let's indulge.

    Quite a few RPG locations are home to staggeringly rich, magical or otherwise powerful folks, and any swanky magazine will show you the ridiculous things that homeowners and companies like to build. Go ahead and include that pool. Or the room covered in mirrors, or owl-themed, or with reversed gravity. The pointless battleship in the back garden. The huge statues, or illusory servants that work like Siri, or robotic lap-dancers (space presumably has Hugh Hefners too). Really pointlessly complicated mechanisms for lighting pipes or making coffee. Wings themed for that one elven musician from the 50s. Conference rooms full of bean bags, or magic floating sofas over a perfumed heatless fire.

    This is to say nothing of the bondage dungeons wizards could achieve.