Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hunter LARP in Theory

So while thinking on the subject of LARPs, I started considering what a Hunter LARP would look like.  I could have certainly used the current city plots to lead to a consolidation of hunters as the primary enemies and shadow darkness manifestations aren't exactly organised enough to tear them apart the same way that would happen if a super-cell of hunters tried to target vampires or werewolves.

The consolidation of cells would meet at a certain central point to swap information, go over clues, mention tidbits learned elsewhere, and basically put the plot together from the various jigsaw pieces earned during downtimes, forum play, coffee hour or RtRs. Even those who passively set their characters' downtimes up (i.e. always having their PCs trawl the internet unless otherwise stated) would have something to bring to the table.

Balance would be a bit trickier as there are some compacts that would be useful but which just don't get access to the same stuff as the conspiracies. This could be worked out through a free assortment of merits, access to relics or even the creation of a mundane set of 'abilities'. There would be seven categories from which these hunters can be drawn though rather than separate compacts most of them are more like cells of right-minded individuals.

Heritage House would involve a family oriented group that have been hunters over the generations. There needs to be at least two, preferably three, PCs to activate this group. Free dot and two Specialties in Firearms, Streetwise or Survival. Gains one Tactic from this list: Arson, Bait & Switch, Battle Hardening, Hamstring, or Pack of Bloodhounds.

Long Night involves Christian hunters who believe that by destroying monsters they can bring about the second coming of Christ. Free dot and two Specialties in Expression, Persuasion or Politics. Gains two dots in Allies. Gains one Tactic from this list: Exorcism, Helter Skelter, Lobby, Moral Support, or My Brother's Keeper.

Loyalists of Thule are an occult group whose members have committed some great occult sin (causing the possession of a younger sister, as an example) and so mean to atone for it. Free dot and two Specialties in Academics or Occult; may take a one dot psychic merit or two dot relic. Gains one Tactic from this list: Corruption, Defile, Distraction, Cover Your Heart, Effigy, Resonance.

Network Zero uses radio, television and Internet resources to identify, understand and publicize monsters to the world so that people can unite and deal with it. Free Dot and two Specialties in Computers, Larceny or Stealth. Gains Backdoor (specify) into a particular part of the city's electronic infrastructure. Gains one Tactic from this list: Disappear, Measurement, Shadowing, Stakeout, or Tar & Feather.

Null Mysteriis are those scientists who seek to understand the world around them and also include a faction who wishes to try to redeem monsters through therapy and medication. Gain two free dots (may not stack) and two Specialties in Crafts, Medicine or Science. Gains one Tactic from this list: Confuse the Scent, Deprogramming, Domesticate, Excision, or Identification.

The Union are those blue-collar monster hunting vigilante who patrol the dark streets in an aim to keep people from being attacked and killed. Free dot and a specialty in any two physical skills. Gains two dots in a Fighting Style. Gains one Tactic from this list: Bloody Improv, Good Old-fashioned Beatdown, Controlled Immolation, Corral, or Territorial Recon.

SAPOL Serial Crimes Unit include police investigators who focus on dealing with Adelaide's serial killer and possession problem, generally involve psychics. Free dot and two Specialties in Empathy, Intimidation or Investigation. Gains one Tactic from this list: Behavioral Science, Exploit Tell / Bane, Interrogation, Profiling, or Net. Gains access to police databases and forensics reports and two dots in Allies (specific detective branch). On the flipside, is under more scrutiny from the government and mustn't leave evidence of self at crime scenes.

But yes, just my musings and general thoughts.


  1. I like these. Nice varied set of options, and bare-bones enough to leave a lot of leeway.

    I'm not sure how much this would help with balance, but one downside of being in a Conspiracy might be the demands on your time. While you have access to knowledge, resources and special abilities, the ST could also rule that some proportion of your downtime is spoken for. That accounts for the times when you're providing knowledge or minor help in return: answering messages, looking stuff up in books you have the only copy of, and in some cases, passing on messages between cells who don't know each others' identities. It could also cover the flip-side of special abilities: maybe they need to spend time in prayer or meditation, or obtaining rare substances, or tinkering with their own body chemistry, or have to sleep more than most people.

    Actually, this reminds me of our discussion on making NPC dots more significant (http://stwildonroleplaying.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/family-problems-links.html).

    1. That's a pretty nifty idea, actually. Be more powerful, yet also more limited....