Thursday, May 28, 2015

Old Character Body Language Notes

Ooh, look what I just found in my drawer ... some handy dandy roleplaying notes disconnected from any characters who were randomly rolled.

Nameless #01 NPC
Body Language: Look bored, pay little attention to the person you're talking to.
Description: Cheap, rundown, even tattered clothing on a rail thin person.
Vocal Tone: Swears a lot.
Archetype - Architect: Wish to be immortalised through a legacy that will remain long after she passes away.

Nameless #02 NPC
Body Language: Stand tall and look down your nose at people.
Description: You're a rail-thin person in need of a good sleep.
Vocal Tone: Hot & Breathy.
Archetype - Survivor: Your utter refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference between success and failure.

Nameless #03 NPC
Body Language: Be snobby, lean back, sneer a little.
Description: A cocky curve to the lips and a short buzz cut of reddish orange hair.
Vocal Tone: Speak through a smile, frequently laugh.
Archetype - Fanatic: A higher goal and a sense of duty that requires you to follow it to the utmost.

Nameless #04 NPC
Body Language: Quiet and still.
Description: Bitter brown eyes and thin lips.
Vocal Tone: Soft.
Archetype - Autocrat: You crave complete control over a situation as you believe your leadership is always in the group's best interests.

Nameless #05 NPC
Body Language: Stand too close!  Invade their space.
Description: Carries too much fat around the midsection, too much facial hair, balding under the hat.
Vocal Tone: Forever amused.
Archetype - Gambler: Life is a toss of the dice and there is nothing, no greater thrill, than beating the odds.

Nameless #06 NPC
Body Language: Lean forward and widen your eyes a little.
Description: Wild, unkempt hair and too much make up.
Vocal Tone: Clear and formal.
Archetype - Bon Vivant: You know your time on Earth is limited so enjoy it while you can.

Nameless #07 NPC
Body Language: All winks and bluster!
Description: Plenty of piercings and a few tattoos.
Vocal Tone: A throaty voice.
Archetype - Traditionalist: You are wary of the risks that untested methods present.

Nameless #08 NPC
Body Language: Be jumpy, nervy, glances at shadows.
Description: A flash of white teeth in a trademark grin.
Vocal Tone: Dominant; challenging others to disagree.
Archetype - Gallant: A gallant wants nothing more than the admiration of others.  You're a show off and a performer.

Nameless #09 NPC
Body Language: Play with your hair.
Description: Deep shadows under normally vivid blue eyes, rosy cheeks dulled from the strain.
Vocal Tone: Gruff.
Archetype - Caregiver: Take pride in being a crutch for others to lean on in times of trouble.

Nameless #10 NPC
Body Language: Lean forward, shake hands and be super-enthusiastic.
Description: Scraped knees and tiny cuts on the fact from a recent car accident.
Vocal Tone: Chirpy and rushed.
Archetype - Bravo: Take pleasure in the strong arm approach - in displaying your power first hand to people you don't respect.

Well, that's the first ten of around twenty or so but I didn't want to bore you all with a huge long list.  Just thought I'd share these ones.  They can be useful for both players and GMs in terms of how to portray the characters a little differently.

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