Saturday, April 14, 2012

For Players: Learn the Rules Beyond Your Character Sheet

Basically, this is a simple piece of advice. If you don't know that the rules allow you to charge, you won't get that choice. If you don't know you can request an equipment bonus from your sneakers, you won't run as good. And if you don't know what the fighting styles are, why would you pick one?

Relying on the Storyteller and other Players is all very well and good but after awhile you should bite the bullet and read the books. No one expects you to memorise them as well as some of the other players in the party but if you familiarise yourself with them, at least you've got a good starting base. Even if you don't remember the specific mechanics, you can know the fundamental basics of the rules, or the fluff surrounding it, and take that into account when making your decisions.

In short, don't hide from the rules just because they involve numbers. Take a look through the books and see what you pick up.

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