Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WoD To Do With Ordo Dracul, Part 3

Well, first we looked at Ordo Dracul moods, themes, and plot hooks and Ordo Dracul goals, motivations, and daily activities. They're an interesting bunch and I've already spoken at length about how I'd love to run an entirely Ordo Dracul game. Oh, the mysteries! Oh, the cantankerous libraries! Oh, the strange and obscure quests to send the players on that may mean nothing or everything! Oh, the wyrm's nests and the crucibles and the esoteric studies and the pseudoscientific laboratories and the attempts to understand that which should really be left alone. Ahh, I do love them.

Five Evocative Locations:

The Haunted Nightclub: It was once a bustling and decadent art deco nightclub but when mobsters kicked down the door and slew several innocent bystanders in a hail of gunfire intended for a single mafioso, the nightclub's decadence became infused with a malice that appeals to kindred blood. The place is still decadently set out, as it was built into the basement of a building with a set of stairs out that were simply demolished and bricked up, ripe for a kindred to re-open and re-open they have. Thus far, the spirits and ghosts within the nightclub have played along nicely with their wardens and experimenters, allowing this place to serve as both a crucible for the Coil of Souls as well as a meeting point, but how long before an Ordo Dracul foolishly decides to stir things up in the name of knowledge!

The Museum After Dark: This huge building is bustling during daylight hours but closes its doors shortly after dusk. A few staff stay on, investigating this or that in hushed cubicles, or examining numerous items that have no home in any exhibit, but they soon leave as well, giving the vampires plenty of time to enter and pore over stacks of old pottery in the Exhibit Room or go through the staff member's documents, all under the watchful eye of ghouled security guards. This is a place of privilege, and only the lucky few neonates get to browse this site with their betters.

The Psychiatric Hospital: Banish the thought of evil experimenters cackling behind sterile masks. This hospital is controlled by an Ordo Dracul with the best intentions. If human maladies can be cured, then why not kindred ones? If human resilience can be measured and increased, then why not a Ventrue's? There's no reason to torture your subjects for to do so would simply muddy the results. It's better to take in what society has rejected in this well-funded institution and see if the secrets of the human minds might be discovered. Of course, the few imprisoned kindred, fallen to Beast or to madness or blood addiction, might disagree about treating their co-patients benevolently, but surely they could never escape? Surely.

The Mansion: An iconic location with a modern twist. The elder who created this chapter house wishes to learn a new coil and thus must add flexibility to her mind. This place has up-to-date security, a sleep and modern design, linoleum, fluorescent lights, and computer banks. The whole place is a-thrum with modernity that makes even older neonates cringe in confusion and distaste.

The Manor House: An old-fashioned, semi-fortified building on the edge of town, with small, high windows, thick brick walls, and a timeless sensibility to it shown by its Georgian decor. This is a place with hidden passageways hidden behind bookcases and servants that all seem a little outside of this world. Every book has a leather cover, even the modern ones.

Five NPCs:

Seamus O'Baoill: An Irish born Gangrel kogaian who shuns the limelight, is reasonably friendly to neonates, fairly paranoid, and utterly interested in other people's business. Information is power to this man and he'll study or investigate anywhere angels fear to tread. This makes him very easy to motivate but the oddball ancillae has no understanding of modern technology (except for mobile phones, he finds them very handy) and prefers to ride his bicycle rather than drive anywhere.

Duchess Alicia Brown: A Daeva and so-called Invictus prized for her rescue of an Invictus Ancient in the London fire of 1666 due to her bravery and staunch resolve (and Coil of Beasts) she rose to a pre-eminent position with a life boon from an ancient and moved to a smaller, younger city where she could be in charge as prince. Unknown to the Ordo Dracul there, she plots out the design of a city according to geomantic principles and smooths over issues for the Ordo Dracul. Always a friend to them, yet none know her secret. When the Ordo Dracul became open once more, she had to remain an enigma, and now there is no one to back her claim.

Persephone Trent: The money bags of the Ordo Dracul, this older neonate is a brisk Mekhet who always likes to talk business and finance, with one hand on her blackberry and the other on her ear phone. There's rumor that she's a Lynx, or will become one, but there's no proof thus far. At the moment, she's free with her money when you're an Ordo Dracul, although there's an almost Carthian expectation attached that you will provide her assistance in turn.

The Doctor: A rather indifferent-seeming Nosferatu psychiatrist who has set up shop in a psychiatric hospital to torment the patients and test the results of his horrifying studies to drive them deeper into their madness. His indifference mixed with his general distaste combine to create a sardonic attitude that is very quotable.

Doctor Taylor: An excitable and chatty Ventrue fellow, yes, who's always interested in talking science, mm, whose experiments in the medical children's hospital are hush hush even to the Ordo Dracul as they're on the verge of creating a wound and if the information on the cult got out, well, everyone would be quite cross. He was once incredibly moral, that he was, but then he attempted an experiment with some mages using the unique ley line configuration of the city and a captured 'angel' to tame the beast once and for all and ascend. Instead, a bunch of serial killers started emerging and he, well, he effectively lost his conscience.

Portishead (any of their songs sound fitting as a backdrop)
Thomas Dolby – “She Blinded Me With Science”
They Might Be Giants – “Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)”
Midnight Syndicate (good backdrop for some of the locations they explore)

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