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Dystopic: Fallen Court

For those who would like to know more details about the Fallen Court I'm using in my Dystopic Campaign....

Obsidian Star Court
·         40+ Fallen
·         Predominately Faustian values
·         Rival Court to the Stolen Shame Court (20+ Fallen, predominately Ravener)
·         Rival Court to the Fate (largely mysterious)
·         All three Miami courts report to Baron Craigsen who maintains the state of Florida.

Tyrant Chakraborty
The Tyrant’s role here is more that of a Queen requiring spoiling and placating.  Much of the court revolves around her role including ceremonies steeped in pomp and invented traditions to show off the wealth of the tyrant.  While the Tyrant holds absolute power she is happy to delegate most decision making to the various Ministries and leaves them to squabble amongst themselves.

·         Female Faustian Fiend.
·         She is fond of breaching mild taboos involving sexuality, danger, and promiscuity.
·         She has sampled many drugs and enjoys trying new ones.
·         She thrills at being thought of as ‘naughty’.
·         She has the position due to her connections with the Stolen Shame Court of Raveners and since her ascension to power there have been no fatal confrontations.
·         She acts in self-produced movies where she holds the starring role.
·         She doesn’t read much and prefers to watch shows instead.
·         Traditionalist in the way of oaths, jewels, tithes, and noblesse oblige.

Ministry of Dust
This Ministry is responsible for manipulating the people – largely to ensure the success of their burgeoning show business and the encouragement of certain business and redevelopment proposals.  It is mostly about influence in these spheres and here is also where they are most prone to clashing with rival courts – including that of the vampires.

Minister Medina
·         Male Reconciler Malefactor
·         He gets smug easily.  Feed into it where appropriate.
·         When nervous, he makes mistakes.
·         He takes his responsibilities very seriously.
·         He thinks he is doing a much better job than he is at herding and manipulating the human populace.
·         He prefers to buy Shakespeare but he reads fantasy – generally sword and sorcery.

Secretary Dorinda

·         Female Faustian Malefactor.
·         Easily shamed by any errors she’s made.
·         She can be short with folk.
·         She is prudish and easily embarrassed by crude or rude comments.
·         Intuitive and capable of leaps of logic.
·         She is an artist in her spare time – combining painting with sculpture using human methods.
·         Other Malefactors do not understand her art as it favours form over function.
·         Her interests lie in paranormal thrillers and science fiction.

Ministry of Aurochs
These are the secret police of the Obsidian Star Court who gather evidence on Fallen crimes and provide them to the Minister for adjudication in closed courts.  The Accused must represent themselves at any trials.  A masked Auroch whose mask renders their physical form and voice ambiguous stands as the prosecution.  Only the Tyrant has the ability to sit in on these cases or overturn a sentence.

Minister Ortega

·         Female Luciferan Scourge.
·         Brutally efficient.
·         Highly secretive.  She believes that transparency in governance only leads to rule by popular opinion and therefore only allows her Ministry to conduct closed courts.
·         Only she knows the names and details of her underlings, some of whom are rumoured to also work for other ministries.
·         She is one of the oldest Fallen to walk the Earth who still resides in Miami and therefore has the most post-arrival Eminence.

Ministry of Dragons
This Ministry cleans up everyone else’s mess by smoothing over ruffled feathers and otherwise trying to keep outright war from breaking out.  Other than this, they are responsible for ensuring that the traditions are kept, tithes are made, and festivals run smoothly.  Glorified party planners.

Minister Chang
·         Male Reconciler Defiler
·         He wants to make big changes and feels strangled by all of the restrictions.
·         He tires of having to deal with the annoyances of the rival courts or the petty demands of the Baron and is bored with is job.
·         He is seriously considering relocation.
·         He is interested in books of other supernatural creatures but is forced to obtain books on traditional etiquette, speech making, and foreign pageantry throughout the eras.

Ministry of Eagles

Minister Khosravi
·         Male Faustian Devil
·         He is popular both within the court and without due to his positive attitude and classic poise and should the court’s tyrant fall, the majority will hope that he will take her place.  Unfortunately he lacks the post-arrival Eminence to do so.
·         Rumor has it he may have the highest pre-arrival Eminence in the court although perhaps he does not recall it.
·         He is one of the youngest Fallen within Miami but his popularity catapulted his success.
·         He will not fall apart under pressure.
·         He has no time to read for pleasure.

Media Adjutant Hall
·         Male Faustian Devil
·         Skilled at appearing innocent and above suspicion with a wide-eyed innocent demeanor
·         Sharp as a tack and very perceptive.
·         He can be unintentionally rude at times ... or is it unintentional?
·         A typical newsie (news blogs) – incisive, analytical, combines blogging with vlogging.  Held to high standards by his readership.
·         He reads autobiographies of locals’ relatives, political satire, microfiche of old newspapers, and medical thrillers.

Ministry of Lions
This ministry is in charge of defence of the court’s key sites and provide bodyguard duties to the Tyrant and any important visitors.  They have a lot of turn over when the three Miami courts chafe against each other as they are always the first to die.

Minister Garcia

·         Female Faustian Defiler
·         Irritable as she tires of the machinations of the court.
·         She is kinder than she appears as she has had to harden herself to complete the missions assigned to her – even when she doesn’t believe those decisions are correct.
·         People like her for her honesty and sincerity but do not respect her.
·         She does not take fools gladly.
·         Bureaucracy annoys her.
·         She reads books on military strategy, emergency protocols, and natural disaster management.


·         Male Cryptic
·         Not a bad guy, but still a thug.
·         He is deeply in love with [Classified] and it pains him that he can’t keep his beloved’s photograph on him.
·         While he is grimly determined during his missions, in truth he remembers the face of each person he has killed.
·         He mixes caution at work with thoughtlessness in his home life.
·         He reads periodical romance novels and military fiction – especially action-based thrillers – and books on foreign cultures.
·         His hose used to be a sniper on the Wall to kill zombies as part of the Green Berets.


·         Female Ravener Fiend
·         She is an intelligent individual who is treated as a thug due to her Factional and Ministerial affiliation and the fact they misunderstand what a corporate security detail can really mean.
·         She is not a violent woman at heart and merely wishes to protect.
·         She desires a way to leave her faction but knows that she will be banished to the pit if she tries.  As the Raveners are content to leave her as an honorary member, she retains that position.  Still the few encounters she has had with them pains them.
·         She is skilled with Portals and prefers to trap her enemies for capture or despatch.
·         She has a deep abiding interest in crime fiction and romantic dramas (not formulaic romance).  She generally only reads for pleasure.

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