Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flashpoint: The Milkmaid

Okay, I've been pretty slack lately with the blog and I'm sorry about that.  I'll get on with posting up more articles soon enough.  For now, let's just look at the latest Flashpoint session.  Pre-warning: Sex comes up in this game a lot.  It also comes up in the start of this session where a magical misunderstanding leads to magical rape.

After about a day of river travel, Lenny disappeared from her perch on top of the plinth, which freaked out Lhye a bit but Proteus was over it.  They noticed an attractive milk maid washing her hands on the Taldor side of the river and Proteus, knowing that with the slow current and lack of wind the ship would be in view and travelling slowly for awhile, dove into the water and swam over to her.

The girl flirted with him but Proteus was suspicious, assuming that as everything else had tried to attack him that she might as well.  Then Lhye floated out of the boat and closer (Proteus assumed he did it to get a good view) and cast Unnatural Lust on him, causing him to grope her boob and kiss her tightly, Proteus assumed that the woman had used enchantments to sexually assault her.  Lhye had done it to ruin Proteus' chances with her.  So Proteus cast Sow Thought "I should totally have sex with him" and Suggestion "We should go behind the bushes and have sex".  Proteus knew this would be rape but figured it was only fair to 'rape the rapist'.

Lhye didn't notice the use of those two spells.  He used Charm Person on her, hoping to have a chance now that Proteus had obviously lost his chance (we use Charm Person as making a person friendlier, not more romantically inclined, merely shifting from Unfriendly to Friendly, say, so it's not as morally wrong a choice as it otherwise could have been).

Little did either of them know but she passed all three saves.  She didn't roll lower than 17.

Regardless, she invited them behind the bushes for a wild threesome.  Then, as her clothing was soiled by dirt and grass stains, she asked Proteus to fetch her a clean set from the farm house about 500m or so away.  Proteus had no interest in assisting her, considering her to be an attempted rapist.  Lhye, however, had no reason to dislike her and so went off to do just that.  Proteus remained with the woman, still not trusting that she wasn't some kind of hag or succubus or something.

Lhye used Disguise Self to appear to be a normal farmer and found her clothes hung out to dry across a railing by the well in a dirt courtyard with a barn on one side and the farmhouse on the other.  As he picked it up, he noticed that there was a lot of dried blood on the straw in the barn.  Going in for a closer look, he saw the piled up remains of bloody bones and clothing in a few spots.  He went to the house and found it locked and the shutters barred from the inside.  Rising up, he saw through the second storey window that there was a man, half eaten from the bottom down, laying across the floor as though he'd been rushing to the window.

Lhye returned and as the milkmaid saw him, she pointed him out to Proteus who turned to look.  By the time Proteus looked back (in the space of a glance), she had disappeared.  He drew his trident and swung it at the space where she had been but she wasn't there anymore.  Lhye explained the situation to Proteus who headed back to the boat.  Lhye proceeded to use Detect Magic and fly up and down the bank but he failed to find her.

Upon hearing what had happened, Archer turned the boat around, determined to do justice against one who would kill and eat a farmyard full of people.  Midshipman Wellard tracked the footprints back to the farmyard where she lost it amidst the other prints although there was evidence that she may have approached a set of wheelprints and hoofprints from a cart.  Wellard couldn't say how long ago the tracks had been there.  From a few minutes to a day away.

They searched the farmhouse, finding the front door broken inwards and the furniture shifted about as though by someone quite strong, and came to find a trapdoor that had been fixed in place by a chain bolted to the underside and to the stairs.  Archer used his guns to Disable the hinges and knocked in the trapdoor. 

He soon found a single young man, a survivor, who said that the milkmaid was a woman named Kitzy, who had arrived two weeks ago looking for work before hitching a ride in a cart.  She had one blue eye, one green eye (like the woman by the river).  They followed the cart tracks with Proteus remaining to walk with the survivor while the others jogged.

At the next town, they spoke to a militia man who was drunk (and a follower of Caiden Caylean).  Lhye and Lil both used Disguise Self to appear human.  They convinced the militia man to give them horses so that they could ride ahead to alert the next town (as the cart had passed through here) - pointing out that the farmyard had been devastated.  The militia man remained to raise the hue and cry amongst his townsfolk as they headed off.

The next town was much larger with a bigger wall.  They'd already been alerted by one of the militia's riders from the other town (who had plenty of ranks in Ride) and two clerics were waiting for them - one of Iomedae and one of Cayden Cailean.  They swiftly identified that a couple people were using disguise spells and they dispelled the one on Lhye, revealing him to be a tiefling, and basically stating that while they were happy with his support that he couldn't enter the town.  This quite offended poor Lhye who groused at them for a bit.

They found out that Kitzy had purchased a small boat a few hours ago (the timeline felt off to Lhye, though perhaps the seller wasn't quite sure of the time as they have no watches in fantasy land) and, knowing the winds and currents, Archer surmised that they could catch her even by riding back and taking their own boat down the river after her.

So they rode back, left their horses on the bank, and headed down the river after her.  They found the young woman in her boat with her back to them and, due to Proteus' calm waters bardic song, their ship moved on the currents very quietly.  She didn't notice them until they were a few rounds away and then Proteus kept her enthralled with his song.  With a suggestion spell, Proteus lured her aboard.

Once aboard, she turned to realise her boat was floating off and she reached for the boat hook to pull her own boat back.  The others prepared their spells - some of which to subdue her.  They readied an action.  Archer shot her in the back of the head.  Startled, the others unleashed their spells although the Sleep Hex, Curse, and Ray of Exhaustion bounced off her, leaving her fatigued but otherwise okay barring a little hit point loss.

She summoned a ball of flame using a divine focus half hidden by her cleavage and slammed it into Archer, slowly charring the ship.  After a few more attacks, Proteus bull rushed her off the boat and held her underwater as she drowned.  Worried by this whole thing and unsure whether they had the right girl (ever aware of duplicity), Lhye ordered Proteus to bring her up and then resuscitated her while the others bound her arms and legs.  She was still unconscious.

They returned to the major town and dropped her off with the clerics there to stand trial.  The clerics ensured their boat was repaired so they could head off and even gave a gift of Bracers of Armor +1.  They were grateful but didn't want to let the tiefling enter their town lest he begin corrupting people.

And that's where we left it.

Lhye's still uncertain if they got the killer or if she'd been set up but he's sure the good clerics will ensure that justice is served and that she won't die unless guilty.  So the plan, as it stands, is to keep heading onward to Augustana.

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