Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flashpoint Quest Recap

So last night didn't happen because two of us were sick, but that just means I should get around to doing the game preparation that I've been meaning to do but haven't because, well, I prepare for each campaign in fits and spurts.  Sometimes I sink weeks worth of work into a campaign ... other times I wing it and do it all on the fly.  I normally hope that the frenzy of preparation might see me through the droughts but that generally doesn't happen.

In Flashpoint we have four main quests:

Refit The Stolen Ships:  This is more so that they can thumb their noses at the Chelish by giving their vessel to the natives.  They need to make sure, though, that they don't just bring Chelish wrath on the natives' heads so they've decided to refit it.  It gives me a handy way to lead them into a few encounters from Raiders of the Fever Seas.  Other than a few adaptations to seed in clues to the other quests, I can largely leave this one as is.  It might be interesting to see how Archer responds to the unexpected guest, however.  And no, Frank, you won't be able to guess who.

Tracking Alyssa's Adoptive Child: The tiefling, Alyssa, is certain that a boy whom she rescued from Lastwall as a baby.  He is now a fourteen-year-old midshipman and inquisitor of Shelyn.  The PCs largely assume he must be innocent because they can't see how a fourteen-year-old could have enough power on his own to brutally massacre an entire crew. 

Kitrina's Cause: The poor girl has been practically shanghaied as she's been stuck with them for over a year since signing on to go to the Shackles to track down her ex-boyfriend and get her revenge.  Since the crew's memories have been wiped for the past year, they're not too sure why they didn't get cracking on this mission as her ex-boyfriend has some important papers on the Chelish Navy that Andoren wants to get their hands on.

Infiltrate The Pirates: The Andoren Navy really needs an insider's perspective into the Shackles pirates as they've been doing some very strange things.  There's been a number of them sighted at Nidal's main docks, for one thing.  What else?  The Andoren Navy haven't specifically said but it's been declared important enough for Archer to take his motley crew all the way down there.

And an unofficial quest:

What happened last year? Everyone who was there when that artefact was struck has lost all memories of the year and two weeks that followed.  Why?  What happened?  What have they been doing?  Why didn't they have more awesome loot and even more spells?  Why did Proteus learn religion?  So many questions.  Will they ever get to the bottom of it?


  1. "Why did Proteus learn religion?" Well I can't become the final profit of what's his face the old fella if I don't know about him eh?

    Also, pffft, as if I'd even need to guess who. You're an open book... shame you happen to be written in ancient Sumerian though.

    1. Zon Kuthon, m'dear. The prophet of Zon Kuthon.