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The Snow Princess Summary

This NPC is a True Fae from the Changeling: the Lost setting that was made for use in my Tatters of the King World of Darkness conversion.  I'm still wondering how I will integrate her but, at the very least, she'll make some cool backstory.  Its always a good idea to have some fairy tales available for your Changeling NPCs to impart as it's a pretty big part of their lives.  If you do end up using this True Fae or taking inspiration from her, let me know in the comments box below.

Titles (3): The Silence of a Snowbound Heart (Actor), The Icebound Rose (Prop), Palace of the Rose-Encrusted Mirror (Locale)  

The Tell:

The tell for this Fae is a heart literally encrused with snow that might appear either as a physical heart, an image, or even as a colour scheme of a blue so pale it's nearly white and the vivid red of a heart muscle.

Storytelling Hints:

The Snow Princess is a True Fae that does not attempt to mimic human behaviour and is instead a rather callous and alien entity who quite obviously is only going through the motions of humanity (or more to the point, merely observing it) when she deals with humans at the Red Gala or on her occasionaly forays into the real world.  She has an almost insectile manner, with awkward gestures that aren't quite the same as what humans use, and she moves with a jerky gait as though her limbs don't quite work.
Favored Changeling Creations:

She may be an ex-Keeper for all forms of changeling kiths due to the Night of the Red Gala where she selects several Taken to be her presents.  However, she always alters those she doesn't kill as the part of herself that is her Arcadian Realm is hostile to life.  She is a good justification for the Dual Kith merit although sometimes her alterations are enough to change a Taken's kith entirely (though not its Seeming).  She therefore generally creates Changelings to guard her realm which include cannibalistic corpse-like Taken whose feelings are removed by shards of ice within their hearts implanted by the Icebound Rose.  These Taken become ogres such as Cyclopeans (with one eye frozen or otherwise destroyed), Farwalkers, Corpsegrinders and Gristlegrinders or Darklings like Leechfingers.  Those who are Taken and then left to survive on their own become akin to the few animals of her realm - Roteaters, Runnerswifts and Skitterskulks generally.  Razorhands and Snowskins are also quite common - the former arm themselves with shards of ice that embed into their hands and the latter change to survive the cold.  When she takes them herself, she rarely leaves a Fetch behind and those Fetches she leaves are always corpses encrusted with rime.  You can find a neat link to all of the kiths and their book locations over here if you want to track down a kith name that you don't recognise.


  • The Red Queen must host the night of the Red Gala on a particular night every 10 years and at least a dozen Changelings must be arrayed as potential 'suitors' for the Snow Princess.  If she fails in this, she forfeits a title to the Snow Princess.  If the Snow Princess falls 'in love' (a mimicked affair) with one such Changeling, then the Red Queen wins one of the Snow Princess' titles unless the Red Queen kills that suitor within a month, in which case she must return the title.  If she doesn't kill that suitor within a month, the Red Queen forfeits a title to the Seamstress.  If the Snow Princess ever falls in love with a Seasonal King, then the Red Queen and the Snow Princess must battle for his hand.  The woman he chooses earns a title and the stale male is broken.  If neither woman is chosen (an unlikely proposition considering their powers), then the Feud is simply over.
  • If Jack Frost can successfully disrupt the Red Queen's Night of the Red Gala so that no Changeling 'suitor' is present and prevent the Snow Princess from arriving, both of them will forfeit a title to him. If he fails to do so after three sincere attempts, he must provide a title to the first one who can catch him.
  • The Snow Princess must never happen upon the Pied Piper or she will forfeit a title to him.  She also may never speak while he plays his pipes.  She may not ask anyone, in writing, or through any other means, to find out when he is doing either of those things.  The Pied Piper, in his turn, must cause her to do one of these things - though he may never visit her locale - within one thousand Arcadian years, or else she will gain his pipes.
Story Seeds:

There have been a number of frozen bodies found in their homes over the past few months.  Has the Snow Princess started leaving her realm for some reason, but if so, why leave simply to slay a few random humans?  Or has Jack Frost's games taken a decidedly crueler twist?
A Changeling has found himself watched at a distance by the Snow Princess and doesn't know what to do.  So far she hasn't done anything to him but he has a sense of inevitability that always occurs to him shortly before he looks up and sees her.  She always stands at least twenty feet away at each point and simply stops and stares at him until he looks away.  At that point, she is gone.  Though whether she has left him alone or simply hidden herself from view is a matter of debate.  The Changeling has found himself abandoned by the Freehold as people try to avoid the attention of the True Fae.  He is desperate for assistance and will give anything for assistance.
A small clutch of ex-captives from the Snow Princess' realms are ravaging the Hedge.  This group of high Wyrd ogres were only a hair's thread away from forgeting everything about themselves and being incapable of ever leaving Arcadia, but alas, somehow they made their way across.  They can be recognised by their pale skin with its icy touches and their bright blue eyes.  Each has a shard of ice still lodged in their hearts, though it would take a good Occult roll for someone well-versed in Faerie lore or an autopsy of their bodies to realise this.  If the icy shards were removed, they would be free from the curse and would cease their cannibalistic depradations.
Title Information:

You can find more in-depth information on the various titles below:

Story of the Red Queen and the Snow Princess
Actor: The Silence of a Snowbound Heart
Prop: The Icebound Rose
Locale: Palace of the Rose-Encrusted Mirror
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