Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Musing on Masks: Episode 19

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: James Paterson, Australian private investigator in New York, has been hired to investigate Sydney Silvers who went missing only a night or two ago but whose home was found ransacked by the receptionist. He's escaped Mogens home after discovering that the man had been doing some sort of chemical experiments on his enemies and is planning to attack his scarcely defended laboratory available to deal with at the same time.

EPISODE SUMMARY (Laboratory): Wherein James Paterson, Australian private investigator in New York, must infiltrate the research facility and rescue Jack Vander Klei so that he can finally get some answers.

CONSIDERATIONS: This was a bit of a tricky one as I hadn't reviewed my rules system prior to running it for quite some time so I was a little all over the place with those rules.  The combat did bring up some very important issues such as the importance of cover and concealment, adequate ammunition and superior numbers.  Lacking superior numbers, a good amount of ammunition is necessary.

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