Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vampire LARP: Blood-based Mini Games, Part 1

LARPs need competition between the players to survive (more often than not).  How much competition and the kind of competition may vary from simple and relatively benevolent (kill more zombies than your colleague) to complex and relatively malevolent (insidiously affect your life so that your child rejects you).  When a particular game setting puts a lot of emphasis on a certain resource, it's certainly worth using it as a goal to compete over.

With vampires, that resource is: blood.

In my LARP, blood will be sourced through a few methods and each one has it's own sort of mini-game attached.  I'll chat about them more specifically in later posts.  For now, the primary three folks need to worry about include:
  • Hunting.
  • The Rack.
  • Herd.

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