Friday, August 15, 2014

Demon: Lore of Frequencies

Control Sound
You can increase or decrease the volume of sound or amplify sound waves near you so that something that occurs quietly thirty feet away can be clearly heard by yourself and (if you choose) anyone within a radius of up to yards x Faith of you.  This can last up to a scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Frequency (versus Stamina + Power Stat for High Torment).
High Torment: You can cause a loud and vicious burst of sound by increasing the ambient sound around a particular individual which causes one bashing and a -2 penalty to all hearing-related perception checks for minutes equal to successes.  This power can be used once per round.

You can create elaborate soundscapes around yourself that appears to centre on you or a space within yards equal to Faith.  If you wish to duplicate a particular voice, you need to also successfully roll Manipulation + Subterfuge to duplicate the cadence of their voice.  These sounds could range from a musical performance (additional Expression checks required to make it sound any good) to a jungle setting (requires some knowledge and perhaps other checks if you wished to make it convincing to zoologists).  A soundscape can't remove independently generated sounds but it can mask them (much as any good stereo may do).  This soundscape can be manipulated for up to a scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Frequency
High Torment: You can instead adapt and change the quality of people's voices, underlining them to give them either an intimidating or seductive quality that provides a bonus to a single Intimidation or Persuasion roll.  The targeted individual must be within yards equal to Faith of you.  Since this doesn't affect them, per se, but the sound leaving their mouths it cannot be warded off using protection from mind control.  This bonus lasts for up to a scene.

Tune In
You can listen to sub/supersonic frequencies, including radiofrequency (RF) waves (a form of electromagnetic energy that falls between FM radio waves and microwaves) alongside the usual FM and AM radio waves.  You can use this to either send of receive mobile phone calls or listen in to one.  While it's easy to tune into the right radio station, it is more difficult to find the right mobile phone call (as there are so many bouncing about in most places) unless you can see the mobile phone in question (if not, suffer a -5 penalty on the roll to find the right one).  This can last for up to a scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Frequency
High Torment: You can circumvent all radio frequencies within an area who radius is equal to 10 times Faith in yards which prevents the use of radios, Wi-Fi and mobile phones in that area (at least in terms of receiving and transmitting information).  This doesn't affect landlines or broadband internet.  This can last for up to a scene.

You can use Control Sound and Tune In concurrently to send messages as though you were the speaker, effectively high jacking a mobile phone conversation and playing both sides against each other by maintaining two conversations in a way that leaves both parties unaware.  Due to your ability to capture previously used words and syllables from the conversation, or to simply warp current syllables to change the context, you gain a +3 bonus on any subterfuge rolls made to give this increased credibility.  This power can alternatively be used to warp any radio transmissions in a 100 yards x Faith radius of you so that those within that area who are tuned into the radio hear what you want them to hear (this can be broadcast seemingly across all radio bands - you may choose to exclude police and military frequency bands).  This can last up to a scene.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Science + Frequency - Composure.
High Torment: You can bombard individuals within Faith in yards with all of the frequencies that are rushing around them, increasing them to auditory range and giving each a depth of importance that causes the brain to be unable to block the content.  This provides a penalty to all mental, social and hearing-related rolls equal to successes for minutes equal to successes.

Empowered Voice
You can blast an enemy with an overwhelming and powerful hit of sound that internally bruises them, potentially causing massive internal bleeding and organ rupture, which can deal aggravated damage equal to successes to a single living target. 
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Wits + Expression + Frequency - Stamina.
High Torment: Your empowered voice can also cause the knockdown effect if the target fails their Stamina roll.  If knocked down your target is also pushed back a number of yards equal to successes.  If this would lead them to hit an object, wall or person, they and the object will take an additional two bashing damage.

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