Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LARPs, World of Darkness and Equipment Bonuses

Just a quick thought on your higher immersion vampire LARPs.  If you want the equipment modifier, you need to have a physical representation of the item.  Otherwise you can have the object and use it but it's not particularly beneficial.

I think it's doable.


  1. I think that sounds reasonable, especially for equipment that's liable to attract attention or raise eyebrows. Otherwise, it's all on to the player to guess when others might care and inform them about such-and-such, which calls for going OOC and also potentially just interrupting people. Whereas if you have a massive nerf gun slung over your shoulder, everyone can flag that even if they're not the conversation. Even for small items it kind of drives home the awkwardness of carrying lots of stuff or taking them to the wrong kind of places.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. It's also a good reminder for the Storyteller. And yes, nerf guns often bug some visual players as it damages immersion but I find suddenly realising that someone is armed to the teeth and I didn't realise it far more immersion-breaking. Especially when they don't have any magical hiding abilities.