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Elder Scrolls Meets Demon the Fallen (Adventure Prelude)

At least they aren't summoned into Hermaeus Mora's realm.  (Skyrim picture)
The players each receive their blank character sheet that is akin yet different to the regular World of Darkness sheet.  The main differences are that they have no "Power Stat" but they do have a "Magicka" bar that begins with a cap of 10 but can become much higher. 

Their mental skills include Academics, Alchemy, Folklore, Investigation, Magical Sciences, Politics, Smithing, Science while their physical skills include Athletics, Brawl, Archery, Larceny, Staff (magic), Sneak, Survival and Weaponry.  Their social skills are much the same as in any World of Darkness game.

The players must first select a fallen name for their Aedra.  If they can't immediately come up with one, using a random generator for god names, angel names and demon names will help. 

Then the game itself starts with the characters lost and adrift within darkness with dim memories of being partially responsible for the creation of a sterile and breathtaking universe alongside the other Aedra where all was perfection and stasis.  Lorkhan saw that it was sterile and convinced a number of the Aedra that the world needed to be set in reality and gifted to creatures that could explore and wander at it.  While most of your kind were repulsed by the very idea, Lorkhan's words proved very inspirational to some.  You were one of those many Aedra who sided with Lorkhan and helped remake the world.  The other Aedra warred with you.  Many fell.  Some were destroyed by their acts of creation itself.

Each Aedra who bought into Lorkhan's plan came to specialise and fall within a few small realms.  At this stage the GM should offer seven keywords and ask the PCs to pick the one they like the most which describes their starting concept: Leadership, Protection, Construction, Comprehension, Inspiration, Evolution and Solace.  Once a term is selected, read out the three sub-houses and have the player pick their favourite.

For those players who want a less whimsical character creation, simply go straight for reading out the below information and have the players choose at the end.

Either way, each sub-house provides a bonus to an attribute, provides a magical discipline dot and a single spell.  The discipline dot represents what level of spell that PC can learn.  1 dot: Novice.  2 dot: Apprentice.  3 dot: Adept.  4 dot: Expert.  5 dot: Master.  The free spells are from the Mage: the Awakening core rulebook except for Alter Voice which simply allows the fallen to change their voice for a scene.  Each Novice spell costs 1 Magicka to cast.  They don't get access to the usual Demon: the Fallen lores and may only select 4 points worth of apocalyptic form traits (more will be unlocked in future).


The Namaru (+1 Presence and Resolve) were those who concerned themselves with enhancing the Magicka of others to achieve the will (Bel), who used such Magicka from light to forge the flame within the world and who pierced the sky to allow in Aetherial light in the form of the suns and star (Nusku) and who kindled sentience in the minds of certain races to elevate them from a beast's instincts (Qingu).

Bel = Alteration (Dispel Magic) - Presence + Magical Sciences
Qingu = Mysticism (Sense Consciousness) - Wits + Empathy
Nusku = Alteration (Control Heat) - Presence + Science


The Asharu (+1 Dexterity and Wits) were those who understood how to bring life to form to separate matter for existence (Dagan), who spoke within the minds of those made sentient to give them guidance (Anshar) and who spread air upon the land to separate the heavens from the worlds themselves (Elil).

Anshar = Mysticism (Sense Life) - Wits + Investigation
Dagan = Restoration (Healer's Trance) - Wits + Science
Elil = Alteration (Influence Sound) - Presence + Expression


The Anunaki (+1 Strength and Intelligence) were those who had sculpted some of the sterile matter and now they gave themselves to crafting the laws of the worlds to make them traversable to the living things (Antu), to building into the weave of items the properties of magic that would allow one to gift one's favourites with power (Mummu) and who played with the soil and rocks to make an intriguing landscape capable of giving forth life (Kishar).

Antu = Alteration (Angle Paths) - Wits + Survival
Kishar = Mysticism (Detect Substance) - Wits + Smithing
Mummu = Enchanting (Analyse Enchanted Item) - Wits + Magical Sciences


The Neberu (+1 Wits and Intelligence) were those who were set to divine the reactions of the Aedra (Ninsun), draw down the magicka from the sky and turn it into light so that all might see (Shamasha), and to open the Ways between places that were otherwise set into traversable lines so that one could - if one needed - leap from one place to the next in an instant (Nedu).

Nedu = Mysticism (Spatial Awareness) - Wits + Survival
Ninsun = Mysticism (Finder) - Wits + Investigation
Shamash = Alteration (Influence Light) - Presence + Magical Sciences


The Lammasu (+1 Wits and Manipulation) were those who knew that living beings would require a changing world and so they cast weather and water to change the lands (Adad), provided clues and hints and whispers that would inspire the living to find their own answers (Ishhara), and to best inspire them they learned ways of walking among them unseen so that they appeared as any other living thing (Mammetum).

Adad = Restoration (Sense Poisons & Drugs) - Wits + Alchemy
Ishhara = Mysticism (Aura Perception) - Wits + Empathy
Mammetum = Illusion (Alter Voice)* - Manipulation + Expression


The Rabisu (+1 Stamina and Intelligence) were those who took the desires of the other Aedra and made them into whole creatures so that the worlds could be overrun with species of every kind, both plant (Ninurtu) and animal (Zaltu), and who then turned their designs to shaping those given sentience by the Asharu so that they could be better shaped to use such minds (Aruru).

Aruru = Restoration (Forego Rest) - Stamina + Survival
Zaltu = Restoration (Analyse Life) - Intelligence + Alchemy
Ninurtu = Mysticism (Pulse of the Living World) - Wits + Survival


Finally for life to exist, so must death, for without the latter no change is possible and all is doomed to sterility, so the Halaku (+1 Resolve and Composure) came forth to take on this sacred task by reclaiming the matter from the dead so that none may puppet them in death (Namtar), providing solace to the dead souls before returning them to this world in forms anew (Nergal), and crafting underworld landscapes for temporary afterlives in keeping with the needs of mortal minds so that there would be respite between life journeys (Ereshkigal).

Namtar = Mysticism (Forensic Gaze) - Intelligence + Investigation
Nergal = Conjuration (Speak With The Dead) - Resolve + Expression
Ereshkigal = Alteration (Shadow Sculpting) - Dexterity + Folklore

The darkness widens into a purplish light and a feminine voice commands them to come and they do, drawn out into the ancient bastion of Moonshadow, a place lit in bright lilacs and purples, with glistening white crystal stoneworks forming the bulk of the buildings.  They may roam its silent halls and rose gardens for a short while before Azura's voice speaks to them once more and commands them to fill the bodies of those whose souls have been stolen by soul gems.

Azura draws them via a silvery-violet light into a Great Hall filled with niches where statues of the various races stand around them.  The players may choose their race from the core ten.  Once chosen, they merge with the individual and disappear from this realm to enter the other world (see Khenarthi's Roost adventure). 

NB: I have a document filled with the races and their racial bonuses.  I may post up the information at a later date if there's much interest.

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