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Khenarthi's Roost Adventure - Part 2 (Mistral)

This is part two of the Khenarthi's Roost Adventure (overview here and Part 1 here).  So the PCs have either been handed over to or escaped into the hands of the Dominion Navy, the Gold Fleet, who are heading to Port Mistral in the northeast of Khenarthi's Roost.  Vicereeve Pelidil demands to be returned home to Auridon but is flatly ignored in favour of the more pressing mission mentioned by Gathwen - to prevent Uldor's reawakening.  Harrani just wishes to go home and feels rather ashamed and humiliated by the whole ordeal.  If, by some chance, the Maomer captain and ambassador are alive after attempting to take the PCs to their home country, then they don't get much say in the matter but are rather grumpy and annoyed.

They are quietly interviewed by Captain Githil Sagelock (Bosmer) of the White Gold Heiress before docking at Mistral on the southern tip of the island.  The lush island of Khenarthi's Roost holds calm beaches, tropical forests, moon sugar plantations, marshy bamboo farms, tide-swept grottoes, hidden caves and a northern mountain that sits on the Topal Sea.

If the PCs don't know much about Khenarthi's Roost, specifically about the hurricane and the Tempest storm detailed in earlier articles here, then a Khajiit crewman called Jo'shanni can fill them in.  He can also tell them about the islands' namesake, Khenarthi, Goddess of the Winds, and that the goddess breath sustains her kin, the moons Jode and Jone, on their path through the sky.  She is said to have given the Khajiit swiftness and upon their death they are said to be flown by Khenarthi to the Sands Behind the Stars.  Both sailors and farmers popularly worship her in her guise as a great hawk.

Khenarthi's Roost.

The White Gold Heiress navigates carefully down the divide and the PCs get a good lock at the island's tropical landscape before it finally pulls in at the dock.  There are a few locations of interest to the PCs in this little town alone.  Dockside, there are the three warehouses (light brown squares by the docks), the alchemy shop and the enchanting shop (two dark brown buildings).  Ahmuna-La (spotted Khajiit) will approach the PCs for information on faraway lands, drawn with curiosity to happenings in distant lands.  She can show the PCs around in exchange for such gossip.

Rope bridges connect the various island sections together.  The large building in the far northeast is the Maomer Embassy - now converted to being a Dominion Navy HQ - and the northernmost large building is the Chancery - the administration HQ for the settlement and island as a whole.

One of the sights to see is Burtie, a brown dog who has been caged by Tahara, Khajiit female, who pretends that he is a fierce and terrible predator (while snuggling with him at night).  She charges people to see him up close (5gp) or pet him (10gp).  She won't sell him as she's grown rather fond of him.  She has a young daughter called Climbs-Into-Bushes that occasionally feigns a limp said to be due to dogs.

The Chancery holds Captain Rahiba, Khajiit female, who is in charge of the militia and who investigates any crimes committed in Mistral (which generally aren't very many and are generally traceable to the Khajiit Chickenthief).  It also holds the Khajiit male banker, Sanaz-dro, who can exchange coinage for a Writ Amount when the PCs get too many coins to carry.  Helmsreeve Talambarel, male Atlmer whose family owns a shipping line and who is rumoured to be sleeping with Headwoman Harrani, will give the PCs 200gp for rescuing her while Vicereeve Pelidil gives them 250gp for saving his own life.  Gathwen requests that they spend a few hours in town while she gathers information before setting off for the temple.

The chancery also contains the golden-skinned Altmer male envoy, Ciricollo and Nauviemil, who take the PCs aside (seeing as they are heroes and all) and tell them about how Maomer are allowed to retain their jobs in the city despite being obvious spies and how it's all an example of Headwoman Harrani's failure to take control.  They're snooty but not supremacists.  Altmer are above average but the other races can be reasonable so long as they are Dominion.  They genuinely worry about Maomer influence.

In the merchant's court there's Firagaer the leatherworking Bosmer male (Hide), Ladrelas the male Bosmer armoursmith (Iron price links), Leila the Redguard weaponsmith (Iron weapons), Iteldil the woodworking Bosmer male (Iron arrows).  Noryariel is a sweet female Altmer tailor who sells regular clothing but will buy Mage's clothing.

There's Juraira the female Khajiit general merchant and Indilure the male Altmer mystic who sells soul gems (of which only the empty common soul gem at 88gp can be bought as well as an Alteration spell - Trap Soul).  Grildoriel is a Bosmer Grocer selling herbs and spices - she has little interest in the Green Pact as she's not in Valenwood.

When selling goods, players will gain 50% sale price (+10% per success on a Manipulation + Persuasion roll - roll once per merchant).

Fishcatcher, the chef, is a female khajiit, who runs an open air stall and sells a variety of seafood dishes, sometimes sugared.  Huthnak, male Khajiit, sells alcohol at the same place such as Dark Meat Beer, Rotmeth, Spiced Wine and Grape Brandy.  They're not especially tasty but it's only 9gp a jug so it's not so bad.

The Alchemy Shop offers:
  • 1 x Blessed Thistle (+1 Speed buff and +1 damage bonus), 3gp
  • 2 x Blue Entomola (+1 Health heal and 6 round invisibility), 3gp
  • 1 x Bugloss (+1 Health heal and +1 Magicka replenishment), 3gp
  • 2 x Columbine (+1 Health heal and +1 spell dice buff), 3gp
  • 3 x Corn Flower (+1 Magicka replenishment and +1 spell dice buff), 3gp
An Intelligence + Alchemy roll can identify the qualities of plants equal to successes or they could pay 5gp to be informed of their characteristics.  A Wits + Alchemy roll can combine two ingredients + 1 per dot in this skill beyond the first (cannot do untrained).  An alchemy station or kit (125gp) is required.  Yes, their abilities stack so three +1 Magicka ingredients would create a potion that instantly replenishes three Magicka.  Failing this roll destroys the ingredients and produces an unworkable potion.  Such ingredients may also be occasionally found in the wild (call for a Wits + Survival / Alchemy roll for PCs to notice them as they go).

The Enchantment shop is run by Haranwe (Altmer female) and holds several runes that can applied to objects to give them a mystical flare.  These are all trifling glyphs (+1) and the Enchantment skill is used to apply them to an object (special powers allow one to make them).  The Trifling Glyph of Flame, Frost or Shock (52gp) can either flavour a weapon with that particular element (no bonus to damage but can turn the damage aggravated if the creature is vulnerable to that type) or can be applied to a staff to make it magical.  The Trifling Glyph of Health, Willpower or Magicka (67gp) or Trifling Glyph of Speed or Initiative (60gp) provide a +1 bonus to that trait while the enchanted boots, helm, robes/armour or belt are worn.

The Maomer Embassy is guarded by Khakidan, a male Khajiit guard.  It also contains Chryseis, Maomer, who records supplies, Helmsreeve and Aldmeri envoy conversations, and other paperwork.  She retains her original job, though under guard, which Captain Rahiba and Headwoman Harrani state is because so many were slain during the battle that they lack the numbers to get the job done ... besides, Chryseis has been here a hundred years.  This is home to her.  Despite any misgivings the PCs might have, Chryseis is genuine in her duties and sees herself as a local here.  She's also shocked at the Tempest plans which seems unusually and unfairly brutal to her.  She also had a minor crush on the Silvenar which translates to an interest in any Bosmer she meets, though she won't admit it.  She particularly has a crush on Draugorin (see two paragraphs below) which is a sad state of affairs as he won't believe her innocence - she won't mention it though.

Clerk Aryaamo, Maomer male, is under house arrest and may not leave his room without an escort of guards.  They hope to transfer him to Auridon at some stage as they haven't the resources to manage him.  He is clearly an arrogant Maomer, though he's not keen on returning to the home island after learning that the Tempest plans would have wiped him out with all of the others.  He wasn't privy to the ambassador's plans and therefore could have been slain by the Green Lady or the Tempest itself.  He won't admit it but he could be won over to the locals' side if he were to remain here for a few more years (especially since Khajiit are more forgiving than most).

When they leave the Embassy, Draugorin, Bosmer male, approaches them demanding to know when the Maomer will be executed in memory of the dead Green Lady and Silvenar.  Does the Dominion not take us seriously?  He also wishes to know what happened to the ambassador.  He will chastise any Bosmer known to have dealings with the Maomer quite a bit.  He will demand they search the Maomer's rooms again.

Should the PCs do so, they find that the clerk really hasn't anything much of interest but Chryseis has a letter to Draugorin that has a few tear marks that simply states:

Dear Draugorin,
I recall you entering the embassy hot on the heels of that most wondrous of fellows, the Silvenar, and as he went to try his luck with our cruelly genocidal ambassador, you leant against the wall and regaled us with tales of Bosmer exploits and Silvenar antics until Clerk Ayaamo was blue in the face with telling you to be silent.  I did so love hearing those tales.  The Maomer are never so clearly happy, forever turbulent, and we would never speak of our king's 'antics' nor even use such familiar tones.  I see much in the Bosmer that I wish could have been experienced by my people.  A freedom there, a happiness, yet in your dealings with us you have been stung as all those who deal with venomous creatures are stung.  I know my apologies are not enough, can never be enough, but know that though my grief cannot hope to match your own, I do miss him and pity the world for his passing.  I also I think I  Oh to Oblivion with it all, you'll never read this.  I love your infectious smile and your freely given Bosmer ways.  I know you wish me dead
And there it stops.  If the PCs were to give this to Draugorin, he would wryly state that the Maomer have a soul, after all, and will be tickled pink by how the Silvenar converts all and that Ulondil must've just been soulless to do what he did.  He'll make his way in there, brushing off the guards as one of the Silvenar's men, and when she cowers back from him (thinking he will kill her), he instead pulls her in for a kiss that she obviously quite likes.

Once this quest is resolved, one way or another, Gathwen will approach the PCs.  She's ready to go.

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