Friday, June 5, 2015

Session Titles

There's nothing like a Session (or rather, adventure) title to keep you on track and help you create sessions with a definitive beginning, middle and end to give your games that cinematic appeal.  Naturally you shouldn't design the ending, but having some idea of possible closure such as "solve the murder" or "deal with the thieves" are good ideas regardless.

Anyway, off the tangent and on to titles.  I've recently come across a bundle of them I'd put together for a Demon: the Fallen game set in Adelaide which include:

The Pied Piper
Catching the Midnight Train
Divided Loyalties
Sentient Specimens
Blanchetown Blues
Hotel Hisil
The Dame in Blue
The Bus Never Came
The Ravaged Thrall
Wanted: Damned or Alive
The Tithe of Humanity
Love For The Fallen
The Haunting of Saint Claire
Return to Eden
The Chinatown Web
Bodyguards at the Circus

I'm quite proud of myself for those names and suggested adventures, even though I didn't get to run many of them.


  1. Some great names there. Several of those would be good titles for Cthulhu scenarios too! I particularly like The Bus Never Came - it's intriguing.

    1. It sounds like a Noir title, on the one hand, but also kind of too ordinary to be believed. I love it for it's ominous use of something that should be dull.