Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dark Before Dawn Session Summary: Rodazy and the Domovoii

Vampires have such complex feasting tables....
This gathering was held at the Apothecary (in-game venue not real world venue, unfortunately) and it was relatively quiet social gathering.  Little did the other vampires know but it wasn't the Elder Mekhet Primogen running the event but his reflection, Rodazy (Yzador backwards).  You see, Yzador had made a deal with his reflection to allow him to host the event in exchange for providing some information in return on the Mirror World.  Yzador also had five Flowers of Demeter sale for a trivial boon apiece (courtesy of Grandma Hollis) and some reasonably priced Lacrima for sale.  As always, we used Ferrero Rocheres as Flowers of Demeter and iced tea for Lacrima.

The main leaders of the vampire court spent the entire session in a back room as they have a wont to do so people didn't really see Prince Harry Saeed, Seamus O'Baoill, Michael Novichkov or Professor Jasmine Hadley very often at all.
The lower ranks enjoyed their drinks, purchased Flowers and Lacrima, and had themselves a party.  Rodazy (whom they thought was Yzador)  encouraged them to indulge their vices, messed with the spirits of the house (who had already been awoken and inspired to act) and otherwise kept those in the main rooms thoroughly entertained.
At one point a drunk Siobhan O'Baoill convinced most of the room to go with her to the state museum to steal their meteoric iron to better combat the fae.  Sheriff FatherMother (I believe, it's been awhile) went to the back room to rouse the elders to stop them and it was left to Seamus O'Baoill to go and fetch them back in.
I'm sure more happened but, as I said, it's been awhile.  Hopefully my players will tell me if I miss anything significant.

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