Friday, July 8, 2016

Masks of Demonic Nyarlathotep (Telegram from Mr. Elias)

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SATURDAY, 10th January

WARNING: These are the session summaries of my Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign adapted for Demon: the Fallen but using much of the Mythos in a similar capacity.  Thus if you are a player eager to play in that campaign you really shouldn't read along due to the inevitable spoilers.

Lady Gwen and Lord Theodore (Gipontel) manage to convince their parents that another trip to New York is in order.  Sincetheir previous trip and visit to the Mogens Estate proved so lucrative, and since the twins are now eighteen, it was agreed upon though their mother, Countess Pettinghew,  was to come along with them as a chaperone.  Especially since the exuberant Letty Harrinton, youngest daughter of Lord Harrington, would be coming along.

They travelled on the Mauretania shortly before New Years Eve and arrived to a very cold and snowy New York.  Lady Gwen and Miss Letty remained as excitable as ever as they disembarked and went to the two taxis provided for them by Ambrose Mogens.  They are taken to the Waldorf-Astoria where they meet with two guides provided to them by Ambrose Mogens - one very sophisticated guide for the countess and a very nervous Ingrid Kensington (Nithriel) who was feeling all the more self-conscious in the dress she had been given for the occasion.

They have two days of tourism which pass by very nicely.

MONDAY, 12th January

Nithriel returns to work and finds Rupert Harper, feeling very smug about a particular telegram he'd been sent by an author who worked for Prospero Press (owned by her parents).  A certain Mr. Jackson Elias who wanted an investigative team to help him with an expedition and who had seen fit to telegram an acquaintance rather than his employers.  Nithriel managed to convince him to hand over the telegram, which he happily did because he didn't want to get messed up in any additional work.

A corpse arrives for their investigation who turns out to have died from drowning.  Nithriel attempts to resurrect him but the man just lies there, catatonic.  It seems that her powers have a certain time limit in freshness.  Nithriel simply covers his face with a sheet.  Mr. Harper forces her to spend the night in the morgue, in case he wakes up and starts doing anything crazy.  He then heads home early.

Nithriel has to sleep on the chair not far from that creepy not-dead man.  After several hours, the fellow expires again.  Thankfully.

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