Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evil Roses and Pre-Pathfinder Paizo Adventures

Well, last night I got to enjoy my OTHER tasty tabletop game which is run by an old friend of mine. I can't remember the name of the blasted thing (Rose Vale? Something like that) but there's little more fantastic than a forest filled with many styles of roses, evil fairies, and, of course, owlbears! This session I got to drink deep of my awesome subdual damage Rogue (kindly made by my partner) where I get to deal 1d4 + 8d6 + 14 subdual damage with a cosh when sneak attacking an enemy. Once they go down, I do what any rogue would do ... and lovingly slit their throat.

I managed to take down a whole cave load of owlbears like that! Most of them were asleep and I kept winning my Stealth-fu. Thanks to the other players for letting me have a chance in the limelight without running in to make the kill! My rogue does better in stealth mode.

I'm sure them water dragon thingies will give you something far meatier to play with later on.

Oh yeah, we also adopted the Owlbear chicks from the nest.

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