Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Time With Carrion Crown - Ravengro (no spoilers)

Well, my fiance is running Carrion Crown and I've got to say that I'm a fan. It's really, very creepy and has a high focus on investigation with the situation slowly getting worse on all sides, some interesting NPCs, some horrifying back story, and the odd combat encounter to keep things interesting without over-saturating the gameplay and making the combat boring. I know that Harrowstone has become built up to giant proportions and we're all very nervous about the terrors of approaching that place.

Our party consists of a:
  • Rather pragmatic and clever Tiefling Alchemist (we don't let him talk to people because he has needle-like teeth and that's way too off-putting to the superstitious locals);

  • Rather green and guileless Human Paladin who came along to the reading of the will and got swept up in adventure as a side quest before heading off to help at the World Wound;

  • Rather dry Black Powder Inquisitor who used to be a Paladin before her attempts to convert an evil rogue led her to adventuring with him and losing her Paladin abilities (backstory);

  • And the evil rogue / fighter who is an NPC who's been dragged around to all kinds of places by the Inquisitor and the Alchemist and is tired of the horrible places we take him - but who is slowly but surely being converted by the Inquisitor's steady hand.
I play the Inquisitor as a bit of a cowboy, really, and I like to think of her almost horse whispering that evil rogue.

It's been a lot of fun and we haven't even entered Harrowstone yet!

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