Saturday, October 1, 2011

RSS Feeds

Hmm, I know that RSS Feeds are pretty popular and useful - especially for people who don't have their own Blogger account they can follow with. The only trouble is that even after clicking around a bit I'm still a little confused. I believe an RSS Feed will email people when new articles appear if they want it to? Or it lists their blog interests for them? Can anyone clue me in as to how to make one and add it here? Or what they do exactly?

I may have just gotten confused because I have a mouth infection right now. My right tonsil looks heaps deflated... And I got an infected mouth lump on my inner cheek. Too much information? Maybe. But blogs are for sharing after all.

Many thanks for any helpful words sent my way....


  1. You have an RSS feed already, and I'm using it. Presumably blogger produces one for you automatically.

    I use google reader for feed reading, which provides a page listing all my feeds, with some preview text and a link to the full page. There are many other readers out there, so others' experience may vary.

  2. Oh, really? Well, that just goes to show how un-skilled I am at RSS Feeds.