Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wod To Do With Luciferans, part 2.

Okay, so we've already looked at Luciferan moods, themes, and plot hooks. Now let's look at a selection of Luciferan goals, motivations, and daily activities might be. Obviously, finding Lucifer is a big one so I won't worry about structuring my list around that big boy because, let's face it, you've already guessed that was an option.

So instead, let's look at some more diverse options.

Daily Activities:
1. Running errands for a superior Luciferan. Since they're a very hierarchical faction, this could even be getting the dry cleaning.

2. Keeping up with general health and fitness.

3. Attending martial arts training.

4. Cleaning their gear and making sure their equipment is in top condition.

5. Attending their daughter's ballet performance. What? They fell for a reason, after all. Why not lap it up? It's what Lucifer would've wanted.

6. Party hard because tomorrow you might be dead. Whether it's coping through promiscuity or finding relaxation in a whiskey bottle, you need to find some way to unwind.

7. Catch 40 winks in the office or in a taxi heading to the next mission. Because, really, when else are you going to get to sleep?

8. Vetting your daughter's boyfriend. Perhaps stalking him and using lores on his family. Because, really, you know what's out there and you have to be sure.

9. Hang out with your Luciferan squad mates, fallen or human. You're comrades! Compatriots! And you need to unwind. Why not justify some R&R as a 'team building exercise' to your superior officers while you sit around and play X-Box?

10. Use your lores to get yourself off that speeding ticket or to retrieve that remote control. C'mon, you need to get that paragon status, after all, or you'll be no good in combat. Might as well practice at home. You can clean up any Tormented errors later.

1. Finding, and grooming human assistants who can hold their own in a bad situation. Whether this is cozying up to soldiers, insinuating themselves into a cop or bikie bar, or simply training up their own co-workers, a Luciferan can always use more back up.

2. Selecting, and defending, significant places from supernatural intrusion. They already consider themselves to be soldiers so it's not a good idea to sell vampire blood around their children's school.

3. Getting top-notch equipment and learning how to use it. I don't just mean guns, I mean rapelling equipment and vehicles.

4. Converting a hunter cell. Waste not, want not.

5. Inspiring Raveners to forsake their wanton destruction in favor of more measured and meaningful destruction for a cause.

6. Find something on the leading, local Reconcilers that supports the view of them as treacherous hypocrites. Then find a way to bring that to light. Preferably through the Cryptics. They need a purpose. It might as well be yours.

7. Keep your loved ones safe. You've got guns, lores, and maybe claws, and you know how to use them. Why wouldn't you want to keep those you care about safe and secure?

8. Become accepted as a Fallen amongst those you care about while still remaining accepted as their loved one. Leave it to the Faustians to want to be worshipped by their wife. You just want to kick back, relax, grab a beer, and flash your wings as their husband who happens to be a fallen angel called Gaviel.

9. Become the best at something, whether driving, hacking, or wildlife photography. You want to be the Go-To Guy, or at least the Gal With The Skills. Why settle for less than the best?

10. Convince that Fallen you admire to join your squad. Bonus points if they're from another faction so you'll need to convert them first.

Okay, okay, so some of them you could see coming a mile away. Still, I think it works as inspirational material. Can you think up any other options?

Oh, and next up are Locations, NPCs and Playlist.

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