Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WoD To Do With Luciferans, Part 3.

Thus far we've taken a look at both Luciferan moods, themes, and plot hooks and Luciferan goals, motivations, and daily activities. So in the final installment of WoD To Do With Luciferans, we'll be taking a look at five evocative locations which will really bring about that Luciferan vibe, 5 NPC concepts in 25 words or less, and a short playlist of thematic music. Let's hope you find it as inspiring to read as I'm going to find it inspirational to write. There's nothing like seeing other people's examples to really help crank the creative juices when you're making your own.

Five Evocative Locations:

Fish & Chip Shop: Flaking paint on an old sign and owners who've been running the store for over twenty years. There's an office out the back where the Fallen can discuss matters and they can sit out in the main shop after dark. With its green formica counter tops and orange plastic chairs, no one could possibly think it's where a militaristic squad gather to discuss the news around a pack of hot chips.

Abandoned Pier: Sandy beaches, unkempt sand dunes, rough waves to hand, and an easy way to dispose of the body (decayed, first, with Lore of Death, of course) are what make this place a fantastic meeting point. The broken and crumbling wooden planks also make for an easy trap set up if the Fallen get some time to prepare things and Lammasu with the right form abilities or enough Lore of Storms can lie in wait in the ocean as invisible backup.

Port Container Maze: Big steel contains stacked high along an asphalt expanse with large industrial machinery sweeping here and there, lifting a container and dropping it off in place by the nearby warehouse or on docked ships. It gives access to a major transport corridor and allows the local Luciferans, who have all gained credible jobs or reasons to be there, plenty of space to have their conversations and ambush their foes late at night.

The Dump: Luciferans need weapons and Malefactors can make them -- if only they had enough of the right raw materials. A Malefactor has taken up possession of this dump with its stacks of cars and piles of old household furniture. She's even learned enough Lore of Awakening to tend to herself - and make the dump come alive if you cross her.

The Rooftop Garden Restaurant: For the discerning Luciferan with a large bank balance. Threaten enemies by dangling them over the edge of the building, head-first, or throw a charming soiree with which to dazzle the Faustian (may or may not end with them dangled off a building).

Five NPCs:

Arekhala (a.k.a. 'Death of Meerkats': Slayer. Legion of Majestic Liberation. Blonde, 17, American, holds to Iron Legion principles and so she is wary and judgmental around other Fallen.

Vritran: Scourge. Legion of Majestic Liberation. He has a wry humor and prefers to out-think his foes. Needs someone to believe in / fight for.

Pashdaniel: Fiend. Legion of Stark Defiance. Highly literate Japanese youth, speaks multiple languages, wears a powerful jacket relic, and tries to come off as mechanically intelligent around Fallen.

Gaviel: Defiler. Legion of Glorious Victory. Street smart, brave, poetic, energetic, pokes his nose into anything and everything he can find. Less tough than he seems.

Malakh: Devourer. Legion of Glorious Victory. Laid-back farmer who likes to take his time with things as he slowly but surely gets things done. Friendly enough. Likes to give good advice.

'Never Too Late' - Three Days Grace.
'Battle For The Sun' - Placebo.
'Citizen Soldier' - Three Doors Down.
'If I Don’t Make It Back' – Tracy Lawerence
'American Soldier' – Toby Keith

Next week, I'll jump across to Vampire: the Requiem and take a look at the Ordo Dracul (my favorite covenant).

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