Friday, August 17, 2012

Dystopic Demon Tonight

Well, I'm running my rather odd near future espionage thriller Demon the Fallen (nWoD rules and mostly nWoD creatures) for the first time today and it'll be interesting to see where it goes. It's going to be a bit pulpy but I'm sure I'll get my horror kicks here and there though probably not today's session which is more of an Introduction to the Game. Wish me luck!

My current array of characters includes (host information below):

A Miami occultist / private investigator who makes a point to steal rare books.

A Tokyo stealth infiltrator / hacker who worked for a mega-corporation.

A London detective / SWAT officer from a benevolent tyranny.

A Russian wall running assassin who's been out of commission for the past twenty years.

An American pilot / driver who smuggles goods out of the walled cities and across zombified U.S.A. (and back again).

An interesting set, no? I've encouraged them to each have their own niche and have given them a fair whack of experience points (95 exp) with a strong encouragement towards merits and skills. I only allowed 10 exp for demonic merits and lores, etc. They also gained 7 merit points (to be spent on NWoD merits) for the 7 flaw points they all grabbed.

I foresee it will be a wild ride.

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