Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ways To Be Involved In A Political LARP

(From a page of unedited advice given to my Vampire Troupe Players)

Tired of Being Overlooked?

Don't you hate how sometimes you can walk into a LARP session and feel invisible? No one has any reason to talk to you and, to make matters worse, you have nothing to say to them either. When people consider where to go and what to do, they don't even consider your skill set as a viable alternative to whatever hard way they're planning? Here's some tips on how to steal your percent of the limelight back!

Host a gathering!
This oft-overlooked opportunity will allow you to reveal something of your character in choice of location (make it a signature place), choice of entertainments, music, decorations, and even the NPCs you choose to invite (as a player you may specify up to 4 NPCs to attend your gathering). It also gives you a chance to bring out some conversational points such as that skeletal throne you've been sitting on or that lovely array of technology that you have covering each wall in an attempt to thumb your nose at the elders. Also, remember, you can choose a mood and theme for your celebration, and I'll abite by it when creating the various plot points for the event, so you can pick a mood and a theme that sits close to your character's heart or which you think would simply be more entertaining. You can also host a gathering that will show off your talents - a car race, a dance off, a shooting gallery! That's one subtle way of letting other people know what YOU can do.

Making a McGuffin real!
Have a mortal boyfriend who doesn't know not to call you? Want to point out that you're a busy businesswoman or a conniving con artist or a dope dealer? Look no further! Accept an IC phone call and then walk away to a private spot to talk. Just make sure that your half of the conversation is interesting enough to attract Auspex-using eavesdroppers.

Prop It Up
Suitcases, backpacks, and handbags that you are very cautious about leaving behind can also draw the attention of other players. Just make sure that you put an interesting clue in there and give the other players the chance to learn a bit more about your character if they do manage to secretly get a glimpse inside.

Use Downtimes wisely
Use your downtimes to gather information on other kindred so that you have conversational pieces. Knowing who to talk taxation law with, who to discuss the peculiar habits of junkies with, and who to chat about wine grapes with, can really make you a conversational expert! Also, who knows what you just might find out?

Talk About Yourself
Yes, vampires ought to be highly secretive creatures but it's no fun having an excellent back story no on ever gets to hear about. Drop an anecdote about the rolling hills or Ireland or that junkie that puked all over your back seat and let the good times roll! When in doubt, you can always see if you can get someone else to give you an anecdote about themselves.

Start a Conversation
Nothing in common? Excellent! You'll get to learn something different this way. Ask a random question like: "What do you think about?" and insert anything at the end of it. Or: "Did you know that...?" and give out a fun fact. It's also a nice way to reveal your age when you say: "Did you know that cars have ways of keeping the passengers cool now? They're calling it air conditioning! Incredible."

Do Something IC Stupid
Get unnecessarily jealous, fall in love, covet thy neighbour's wristwatch, insult someone you dislike ... just make sure you have an IC reason firmly in mind. If your character wouldn't do it, don't, but if your character would chat up that scorching Daeva, why not?

Either boast about your achievements or pay something else to do it for you. People won't come to you and request your assistance or gaze up at you with admiration unless they know what you can do.

The First One's For Free
Do something for free for someone, just to get the ball rolling, and make them used to your assistance. This can also handily get the word out that you can actually do what you say you can do.

Reinforce Status
Yeah, you may hate authority but that doesn't mean you can ignore status - those with higher status are generally given it because they ARE capable and COULD make your life a living hell. Also, if you happen to attain higher status, make sure people respect your level because even if all of the others are just authoritarian schmucks sitting on golden thrones, you've obviously earned yours!

Bring Something Along to Show and Tell
Perhaps a fancy new car to boast about or some strange rock or perhaps tarot cards so you can do a reading. The sky's the limit!

So there you go. That should keep you busy. Get out there and have fun!

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