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Demon's Heresy Random Encounter Table

There are a few random encounter tables for the Worldwound but I feel that they are missing that certain something.  The Abyss should make its presence felt and though the actual Worldwound setting book introduces weather effects (which I roll per days travel) and foraging diseases (hardly a problem once you can get a ring of sustenance), the encounters themselves don't take the environment as much into consideration.  I would also recommend that you re-roll if the dice land on the same random encounter to ensure that things feel fresh for your players.  So without further ado, here are some additional styles of encounters.

01-02 Heavy Gravity (halve carrying capacity, -2 acrobatics, climb, ride, swim, falls deal damage in 1d10s rather than 1d6s) + Roll Again
03-04 Light Gravity (double carrying capacity, +2 attack, acrobatic and ride checks, double weapon range, 1d4s instead of 1d6s for falling damage, double leaping distances) + Roll Again
05-06 Noticeable Erratic Time (day may pass in minutes then a second may take hours) + Roll Again
07-08 Mildly Chaotic Evil-Aligned (-2 penalty to Charisma checks for non-evil and/or non-chaotic creatures; stacks with itself) + Roll Again
09-10 Strongly Chaotic Evil-Aligned (-2 penalty to Intelligence-, Wisdom-, Charisma checks for non-evil and/or non-chaotic creatures; stacks with itself) + Roll Again
11-12 Enhanced Magic (Spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic or evil descriptor count as if two caster levels higher) + Roll Again
13-14 Impeded Magic (Spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful or good descriptor are subject to a concentration check DC 20 + spell level) + Roll Again
15-16 Lava flows in area (15ft movement per round, DC 20 Reflex save when crossing or be engulfed in the lava) + Roll Again
17-18 Lava Bombs erupt and hit in a 30-foot radius explosion (roll 1d4 - on an even number, DC 15 Reflex save or take 4d6 points of damage; on an odd number, DC 20 Reflex save of take 12d6 damage).  Alternatively a steaming geyser can do the same through a sudden eruption.
19-20 Poisonous Gas - 1d6 Con damage if inhaled (Fort Save 15 negates, DC increases by 1 per previous save).  If visible, impairs vision like heavy smoke, flows low across the ground.  Roll Again.
21-25 2 Incubi Level 2 Rangers CR 8 (Searching for Arushalae)
26-32 Paladin Rider CR 8 (see Sword of Valor, Bestiary 67 and NPC Codex 114)
33-38 1 kithangian CR 9 Worldwound 47 (see below)
39-43 1d4 spectres CR 9 Bestiary 256 in a narrow (4 foot wide) rift
44-49 1d8 thoxels CR 9 See page 86 Sword of Valor
50-55 Demon and the Dead CR 9 See page 85 Demon's Heresy
56-60 1 kithangian + Urannag CR 10 Bestiary 2, p.265 (see below)
61-67 1d10 Abrikandilu Barbarian 3 CR 10 See Weapon in the Rift PFS (Searching for Arushalae)
68-72 Foul Coven CR 10 See page 85 Demon's Heresy
73-77 1d4 warped ones CR 10 Worldwound 62 which leave a cave to reach them (see below)
78-84 1 young red dragon CR 10 Bestiary 98 (see below)
85-87 1 carnivorous crystal CR 11 Bestiary 3 page 45 is embedded into a natural bridge over a narrow lava creek.
88-91 1 The Plagued One CR 11 See page 85 Demon's Heresy
92-95 1 shachath CR 11 See page 84 of the Demon's Heresy
96-98 1d4 fallen CR 12 See page 90 of the Demon's Heresy (see below)
99-100 Mothers of Chaos CR 12 See page 85 Demon's Heresy

The Fallen Encounter
Alfie encountered two Fallen Crusaders by the shores of the lake though their bodies were back in the town he had just cleared whose crypt belonged to his forefathers.  They didn't know precisely where their bones lay but stated that a local haunting recalled the knowledge.  So he had to go and sit on that chair and choose to fail the initial save so that he could be drawn into a hallucination of how the end of the world looked to one grandma sitting on her chair.  He saw where those two crusaders fell and could then dig them up and put them in the crypt.  Doing so unleashed a Swarm of XXX from the otherwise buried well who were formed from those dead Sarkorians.

Kithangian Encounter
These demons are grotesque and truly horrific entities that represent bestiality as much as anything else therefore build up to this event by showing its influence on the world around them.  In my case, I had a horse giving birth to winged and fanged foals that then tried to eat her and then a fiendish two-headed snake that fought itself until it managed to poison itself.  Remember, too, that it can hide as an animal (in this case, a medium desert scorpion) but can revert to its true form as a readied action.

Kithangian Plus Urannag
This works all the better after they have encountered the Kithangian alone as the sight of its action will likely cause the players to become heedless in their hate.  Place the Urannag device in the sand between them and the Kithangian and have the demon taunt them to approach.

Warped Ones
These poor souls once took shelter within a little cave that still contains a tear stained diary written in dwarven that charts their troubles.  They came in here to escape a terrible rift storm but didn't see the pulsing, throbbing vortex open up in a corner that irradiated them with its essence until they died.  PCs may collapse the cave or cast appropriate spells but they must make a Fortitude DC 20 save to avoid losing 1 constitution per round if they approach within ten feet of the vortex and must make a Fortitude DC 25 to avoid losing 1d6 con and succumbing to madness (additional save as with the Insanity spell - Psychosis is always the result) if they touch it.

Young Red Dragon (Exzennikts)
The dragon just wants to talk as it has been promised amazing treasures should it succeed in its quest to locate Arushalae.  It is currently wearing a special paint that makes its scales look gold (Perception check DC 30 to notice chromatic red gaps).  It is angry and aggressive as all red dragons are but it hasn't survived this long by being overly rash.  It is looking for a demoness - will describe Arushalae - and will describe her as an awful monster that needs to be delivered to him.  He will direct the PCs to a particular meeting ground (but not his hoard).  He will then launch off to seek her out again.  The local demons either all know his tricks or can't fly up to reach him.  If the PCs mention the Woundwyrm, he will turn canny as he knows the Woundwyrm will slay him if it gets the chance.  He may form a temporary alliance to defeat the Woundwyrm (keeping himself safe) and even tracking down Arushalae if he thinks he can get away with it but if they take more than 1d4 days they will need to succeed on Diplomacy checks to prevent him from flying off in disgust.  He won't assist them in fighting powerful demons, claiming past trauma, but will happily assist in slaying weaker ones as he knows he'll be forgiven if he succeeds with finding her.

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