Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WoTR: Terendelev's Hoard

So for those who have been following my articles, or who have played Wrath of the Righteous themselves, Terendelev is an ancient silver dragon who was slain by a powerful balor in the very first adventure.  The adventure path doesn't ever take the PCs to her hoard but if you are expanding this already quite large adventure path (as I am) to include all the more rebuilding and refortifying (kingdom building rules) then her hoard could be of interest.

Terendelev was a much beloved Ancient Silver dragon, it seems only fitting that her hoard be equally splendid and filled with items either personally useful for her or too terrible to leave in mortal hands.  She has all evil and cursed items in a separate pile screened by special silvered salt that keeps its taint from touching the rest of her hoard.  Many of her items aren't evil, per se, but tend to be used for evil purposes or are simple valuables and so she felt right to keep them whereas any holy weapons would be turned over to the authorities to help combat the worldwound.  Anyway, I built this as a $300,000 treasure hoard under the expectation that most of it would be sold for Kingdom Building purposes.  I'd recommend reducing the hoard by quite a bit if your players aren't so generous as the campaign is already quite generous with equipment.  All of the following items are in Ultimate Equipment unless otherwise specified.

The evil and accursed pile contains of Beacon of True Faith (black flame in an ornate electrum torch), Talons of Lamashtu (as Talons of Leng these long gloves are tipped with nasty looking steel nails and is cursed so that it ceases to work unless a person is either killed per day or hideously disfigured), Vampiric Gloves (cursed so that the wearer's teeth become visible fangs and their skin becomes hideously pale providing a -3 Cha check penalty against good and neutral creatures), Mask of the Skull (pale white humanoid skull mask made from real bone), Stalker's Mask (human skin of a dozen different pigments have been tanned and stitched together to form this mask), Headband of Knucklebones (literal headband of bone tied with dried sinew), Phylactery of Negative Channeling (an ominous insectile headband of black carapace that glows a sickly green between the gaps), Headband of Seduction (actually a rakish tricorn hat), Dragonfoe Amulet (silver amulet showing a dragon punctured by a lance).

The other pile contains the Belt of Fallen Heroes (villainous shapes on the belt and villainous spirits though their tactical advice is simple pragmatism with no further effect), Perfect Golden Lute (something Terendelev loved to have her visitors play), Belt of Teeth (appears to be made from inter-locked fangs), Minotaur Belt (icon of Baphomet on a solid leather belt of Minotaur skin but no further effect), Nightmare Boots (black leather boots with a red fur trim in a high heel that miraculously doesn't cause problems to wear due to its innate magic), Poisoner's Gloves (long white satin tied with ribbons at the upper arm), Lesser Poisoner's Jacket (white cap-sleeved bolero jacket with gold ornamental trim in the imagery of Sarenrae), Cassock of the Clergy (Baphomet-style cassock with iconography stitched across the shoulders which also replaces the Bless spell with Bane), Headband of Intuition (light tracery of silver and tiny pearls that glows lightly), Maw of the Silver Wyrm (this mask is made from silver filigree in approximation of a dragon's face with quicksilver shapes over the eyes that nevertheless do not prevent vision), 3 Shackles of Compliance (plain steel manacles), 3 Manacles of Cooperation (slight glow between the links), and a pair of Shackles of Durance Vile (image of Baphomet on each wrist cuff lined with a red glow).

Place something special in center position.  In my case, against one wall hung with ornate (300gp each) tapestries, sits a small shrine upon which lie folded a Monk's Robe in Shelyn colours with a gap on the wall where another flag can be placed (i.e. Shelyn flag) and if that is done then the Jawbone relic from the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path appears on top of the robe.
There is no gold, silver and copper here nor even beautiful works of art beyond the tapestries as Terendelev sacrificed it all to help the crusade and assist Drezen.  In exchange, she was given a hoard of great value to guard ... even if some of it was contaminated in thought if not in power.

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