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WoTR: Other locations in Alfie's "Kingdom"

Also known as things I do when I'm bored.  I basically charted out all known locations currently captured or maintained by Alfy in the Wrath of the Righteous campaign.  He'll probably never visit these places, but hey, I love me some logistics.

LG Hamlet (30)
Corruption -6, Crime -6, Economy -2, Law -1, Lore -4, Society +4
Bedis is a previously abandoned settlement between Kenabres and Fort Portmanteau.  It has the new settlement quality Patriotic which gives Crime and Corruption a -2 and Society a +4.  It isn't racially intolerant toward tieflings as it was resettled by a few pig farmers and their families who were rescued by a tiefling and what they believe to be a child-sized black dragon (see the Wardstone Patrol Pathfinder Society adventure).  This has also caused them to turn toward Sarenrae as their patron deity due to her redemptive qualities - a fact that has drawn their very own 4th level cleric of Sarenrae who makes holy water and cure light wounds potions for the locals.  They have no tavern but the community is willing to billet those passing through in their own homes and stables.  They are teetotallers so there is no liquor to purchase.  Base Value: 200; Purchase Limit: 1000gp; Items: 1d6 Minor

Valas' Gift
CN Small Farming Village (72)
Corruption +1, Crime +4, Economy +2, Law -8, Lore 0, Society -1, Danger +10
Situated in Mendev, this place was empty since the people either fled or died when the wardstones fell.  It was repopulated in the seventh week after Drezen's liberation when Alfy had set off to Brevoy to recruit farmers and labourers to help till the land.  Many of those who followed were chaotic individuals whose desperation made them willing to make the journey and brave demon-infested lands for the promise of a new start.  This place is therefore very much a Chaotic Neutral frontier town.  The village functions as though it were run by a secret society but in truth it barely runs at all.  A 5th level Pharasmin cleric and Brevoy lake pirate looking for a chance at a new life argue over leadership.  The place has become Notorious due to attracting the wrong kind of interest from local mercenary companies using it as a Fertile Soils which is a new feature that provides a +2 bonus to economy.  This is all rather ironic considering the details learned in "Certainty" as the place is blessed with fertile soils and healing waters by a paladin called Valas.  Base Value: 770; Purchase Limit: 3750gp; Items: 2d4 Minor; 1d4 Medium (generally potions),

Fort Portmanteau
LG Fortified Village (200)
Corruption +1, Crime -3, Economy -1, Law +3, Lore -1, Society -5
This village holds an army of 2nd level fighters and an army of 1st level fighters, all raw recruits since the more seasoned troops have been sent elsewhere.  The fort is established near a ford in the West Sellen River but is on the Mendev bank and it's role is to protect the surrounding farmland, something they are ill-pressed to accomplish.  They are led by a 7th level cavalier / paladin (see the Wardstone Patrol) who wishes to retire but can't bring himself to do it while the war still rages so he has taken this position.  They also house a 7th level wizard who is a known member of the Blackfire Adepts who provides some arcane support and develops useful potions.  It has two qualities: Strategic Location and Military Fortification.  Base Value: 450; Purchase Limit: 2250gp; Items: 2d4 Minor; 1d4 Medium

Vilareth Ford
LG Fort / Military Village
Corruption 0, Crime 0, Economy 0, Law 0, Lore 0, Society 0
I have used the Castle Everstand write up from Castles of the Inner Sea for Vilareth Ford, though a Castle Everstand that had been brutally overrun and slaughtered.  As the place hadn't been properly pillaged before being freed, all it needs is to be repopulated.  After quickly clearing the undercrypts, the underground areas can be used to house workers and soldiers.  All named characters are of the few hostages that Alphy located on his way in so that I can still include them - except the clerics who will be a Gorumite and an Erastil priest from Absalom.  At present, though, there is only a single army that roves out from this position.

Keeper's Canyon
Abandoned Small Town (0)
Corruption 0, Crime 0, Economy 0, Law 0, Lore 0, Society 0
This medium-sized small town has been left to fall apart over the past few decades since Drezen's fall.  It can hold up to 500 individuals relatively comfortably.  It is also close enough to the West Sellen River that once the insect warrens are filled in and the river flows through the canyon again, people can still source fish in relative safety.  Such fish might become somewhat tainted (3% chance) but Detect Poison will identify such taint and Purify Food and Water can cure it.  Drinking the water runs a 10% risk of some kind of infection but the water here can still be purified using magic.  There are damaged piers and a watergate here.

Singing Stones Fort
NG Fortified Thorp
Corruption -6, Crime -5, Economy -4, Law -4, Lore -1, Society -6
This lost temple was an abandoned outpost consecrated to Shelyn.  It has a broken down fort, temple and set of stables and can easily hold a permanent population of 10.  Currently there are 9 2nd level rangers and paladins led by a single 4th level cleric of Shelyn.  They are still relatively raw recruits but they watch over the canyon and report back regularly.  The fort itself can hold another 10 travellers for up to a week if necessary.  The temple is called the Singing Stones Fort because of an oddly shaped rock on the cliff above the temple that sings prettily when the wind blows just right.  There is a winch-lift available to help draw horses up into the temple.  The members who live here are insular and are openly friendly but inwardly suspicious of anyone who wishes to enter.  NOTE: The Law penalty does *not* apply to attempts to summon the guard as the location is so small that any attempt to call upon them will immediately result in everyone arriving.  Base Value: 50; Purchase Limit: 500gp; Items: 1d4 Minor Potions available to travelers free of charge if their need is dire.

Temple of the Beloved
Fortified Temple (8)
Corruption -5, Crime -5, Economy 0, Law +2, Lore +1, Society +5
This temple was discovered to be a lair of the Ivory Labyrinth who had come to populate a variety of temples throughout Sarkoris.  After the place had been cleared, it was mystically cleansed and mended by a number of servitors of Shelyn who wished to help bring beauty and quality to the Worldwound (see Demon's Heresy).  Since there's no real talk of any aftermath in the book but it seems like a celestial cleansing of the place should have some solid reason behind it, I've decided to populate it with agathions seeking to provide solace to tainted celestials and good fae.  Naturally this place will draw interest from Abyssal demons once it becomes known.  It is currently staffed by two Vulpinals who tend to the tainted, one Avoral who seeks out news, three Leonals for protection and two Silvanshee who can pass messages to the others.  They all serve Shelyn.  If the Weapon in the Rift is run, the two fiendish hound archons will arrive here for spiritual healing.  The place has two qualities: Holy Site and Celestial Bastion.  Base Value: 450; Purchase Limit: 2250gp; Items: 2d4 Minor; 1d4 Medium.

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  1. Some nice little bits of detail here.

    I'm actually reading through Numenera right now, and it's one heck of a gazetteer, but boy does it bog you down in details sometimes. I'm liking how refreshingly light this is in comparison.