Monday, December 7, 2015

Potential Two New LARPs

I'm already in the planning stages for the next two campaigns once Dark Before Dawn ends because that's how I spend my six week holidays as LARP GM.  For those not in the know, I'm not running any LARP games or dealing with a downtime period between my December and January sessions.

I'm not committing to these two campaigns at this stage but I thought I'd at least mention them to you guys.  If these campaigns run, they will be on the same weekend each month - one Saturday and one Sunday so that I have more weekends free for other purposes if necessary.


One of these campaigns is a low-powered cross-genre game set on a tropical resort island where you can play a vampire, geist, mage, demon (Fallen), demon (Descent), Hunter (Loyalist of Thule but several endowments available) or changeling using base character sheets.  As the point of the game is to explore being a brand new supernatural with no knowledge of your supernatural heritage, supernatural characters need to be brand new as supernaturals and with ordinary human histories (i.e. bartenders rather than soldiers and no skill or fighting style above three). 

This LARP isn't suited for players whose needs include high-powered play, clear lines of competition between groups, tragic descents into personal horror, or canonical World of Darkness reactions toward humans and other supernaturals (i.e. issues with vampires and werewolves getting along or involving humans like the Thule agents in supernatural business).

This game is designed for exploration, low-powered adventure and colourful characters with a group of between 10 - 25 players.  There will be tabletop sections (i.e. RtRs) but little to no plans for forum play at this stage.


The second campaign is a rules-lite psychological and investigative horror game set in a small town where you play an ordinary human being living in a strange place where everyone knows the first siren means you must run for cover, the second siren means you're almost out of luck and the third siren means you're already dead and you just don't know it yet.  A town where you don't go outside when there's fog.  A town where the phone rings and mysterious voices urge you to do things that really are for the best -- no matter what they say.

This town takes a lot of inspiration from a number of survival horrors and will run as a series of investigative mysteries and adventure-style games in the style of Call of Cthulhu LARPs though the world itself is a home-brew version of this one with technology and even fashion ranging from between the 1920s to the 1960s.  Since it is a psychological horror game, there will be a number of triggering subjects encountered during the game and a full list will be provided closer to the date.  The town itself and the main NPCs will be created by the players alongside the GM at a full day workshop. 

This game is primarily mystery-oriented with an investigative backbone and will run with a group of between 6 - 14 players.  There will be a few tabletop sessions due to the rules-lite nature of the LARP though there will be a strong online component so it is important that all players be willing to post on the forums.


For those of you who are already members of the Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc. and who can actually play, let me know which, if either, LARP you would consider playing after the Dark Before Dawn campaign has concluded.

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