Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WoTR: Trouble in Kenabres (earlier segment)

Well this will be totally out of chronological order, but it's worth posting up anyway as it might be of value to those dealing with any brief returns to Kenabres during the campaign.

Once they are successful, Alphy Hernaste likely won't be able to stop himself from gloating but the gathering is then attacked by individuals calling themselves the Children of Mendev.  This band of tieflings lack the power to be a credible threat but they are desperate to free themselves and people like them from the thread of the Third Crusade's deparations.  Little do they know but Prelate Hulrun (LN Inquisitor 13) has mellowed to the extent that he would only lock tieflings and suspected cultists into a ghetto rather than burn them alive without trial.

Still the attack causes his generals to reconsider their standing as there is no point in holding reprobates, at best, and cultists at worst - wasting their dwindling food supplies over winter.  If Alphy doesn't think of it himself, Nestrin Alodae will recommend that he takes the ghetto with him.  Prelate Hulrun declares at this that they cannot waste food on fools.  In truth his declaration here is more rooted in a desire to justify protecting Kenabres' own damaged stores of food for the right people rather than a desire to see Drezen wither and starve.  He has also written off Drezen as a lost cause due to its leadership.

A Sense Motive DC 25 check will reveal each individual's thoughts.  Nestrin Alodae feels that these are the last days of the world and wishes only to shepherd people into the light and fears losing their souls in senseless bloodshed against their own number.  Prelate Hulrun Shappock has vague fears that he never arrived in Iomedae's lands but that too many other souls will be consigned to the Abyss by his poor decision making -- he is torn by his indecision and his own shame causes him to throw his weight behind black and white thinking in the hopes of finding a rock to cling to.  General Dyre is uncertain whether Kenabres will survive the winter without resort to cannibalism if the stores aren't adequately protected.  General Marcovina is angry that resources are sent on a morale stunt like Drezen when they could be better used on Kenabres.  Eterrius Sunnestier is confident that all will be well with the world.

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