Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Side Quests in Mendev / Worldwound

Here's a few bits and bobs that I've run with my solo player with a different character to his Mythic Monk prior to the introduction of our second player.  It gives me a chance to play with grittier low level themes where there's no real expectation of levelling up to awesome ... basically, the typical state of affairs for your average NPC.  His level 3 Ranger is an ex-paladin who lost his faith after one too many brushes with the Worldwound (he completed several tours) prior to the Wardstone's collapse and has only returned to Mendev via the River Kingdoms because he believes the Wardstone collapse to be the end of the world and he wants to make his stand.

Thus far he's mainly followed one of the main Crusader Roads from Egede, recruiting a half dozen tieflings who'd been begging for a job from the side of the road (as the best way to avoid being killed by locals is joining a squad) and losing a few of his own mercenaries after their first taste of demonic behaviour.

Most of this was roleplaying with him dealing with his squad and seeing the signs of demonic attacks on villagers and even an army (three Vrocks teleported into the middle of them while Brimoraks provided some fireball support before all teleporting away).  It was all body bits and superstition and looting the dead.  He also saw some conmen trying to sell false cold iron weaponry and superstitious demon wards that didn't work (but which some of the sellers genuinely thought would be effective).

Later he met a Chelish "heal hex" witch who thought himself a paladin and who had way more loot than his level since he'd gutted his house financially, won back his soul through loopholes (ancestral contract) and tricked his evil relatives into getting themselves executed by accident.  Basically a brush with a saint whose personality was a little more ordinary than his triple-carts made him seem.  He hired on the ranger's squad for the distance from Egede to Kenabres and eventually gave him a holy merciful demonbane longsword that has turned the ranger from ordinary level three to a paper tiger.

Journeying with the fellow that is now referred to as the Chelish Saint since he can cure everyone once per day (and has been doing so) gave him a sterling reputation which he promptly sullied by telling a bunch of generals to go to hell, basically, when they invited him into their tent to win him over to their side.  He still wasn't pleased that they raised Lord Hulrun who had inspired so many witch burnings in his time.

Actual mini-quests he has accomplished / will accomplish include:

  1. A Riddleport-style town cooped up within walls and full of shell shocked veterans and peasants too poor to leave the country and too scared to stay had a few of the insubordination demons called Thoxel demons were infiltrating brothels as prostitutes and bartenders to sow dissent.
  2. The Pathfinder Society Adventure "Scars of the Third Crusade" where he is paid by Pathfinders to solve the murders before their own people hang.
  3. The false conspiracy rumours in Bedis that turn out to be nothing.  A bit of a breather episode to contrast some of the things he's been dealing with and the rather ordinary lives of those in Bedis.
  4. Brave Brak Gloomaxe of the Divine Beetles Squad hires him on for a short while in Valas' Gift for general guard duty.  Slowly he hears of a strange and bizarre culture and only later does he realise that it's, in fact, a Marid and not a succubi he needs to worry about.  Also mild intrigue between a Pharasmin cleric and an ex-lake pirate from Brevoy.  Also contrast this village with the previous one he'd visited before the slaughter that occurred during the wardstone collapse.
  5. A week spent on Bridgepoint in Fort Portmanteau where he fills in for an ailing fighter and battles a few bored demons and must avoid being tempted to follow them into either the Death Woods or the Worldwound.
  6. The ruined temple that once housed a half-Nabasu on the road to Drezen is now a one-storey watchtower temple dedicated to Shelyn but they are struggling against several Hala demons who are harassing the troops below and themselves at night.
  7. Vilareth Ford is currently being held by only a few squads when he crosses here and perhaps spends a night or two.  He may aim to help clear out the crypts but will definitely be turned back partway through (another higher level party can clear it later).  He can leave with one of the squads escorting merchants down Canyon Road.
  8. Keeper's Canyon involves an ambush on the troops in the main streets from a few Brimoraks eager to cause some damage followed by a single angry Vrock.  The point is to rout the protagonist into the ruins where he can meet the few people who are still living in this city and to take a look around the old ruins of the signs of death and terror that occasionally still lives within this place.  A good place for low level random encounters and general hauntings.
  9. The Singing Stones Fort needs help taking out a few Hala demons and Quasits that like to lurk in the air and report back to their various commanders.  They offer wood coins for demon heads brought back to them that can be traded with the Army for services.

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