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Dark Before Dawn Session Summary: Consequences

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Gary Dodd is still missing when this session begins so the vampires re-convene the following night at the Boozecan.  His ghoul, Dorothy Rosenburg, meets them at the door and allows Yzador to examine the egg found at the scene after her regnant's disappearance.

Prince Harry Saeed and the Primogen Seamus O'Baoill spend much of their time in a back room, occasionally inviting in Professor Jasmine Hadley, Michael Novichkov and Peter Walsh (NPC portrayed by Dodd's player while Gary is missing).  Plenty of back room deals are had as Prince Harry Saeed works out a possible punishment for Novichkov's public (forum) orders that countered Saeed's own.

Eventually they decided that Novichkov would need to publicly kneel before the prince and take a single sip of his blood (forming a one step blood bond).  Being blood bound to the prince was no small issue as it meant that Novichkov would feel some degree of adoration toward him.  Initially the prince had wanted two steps, but the rest of the Ordo Dracul denied it as there were special rules in place to prevent that.  Novichkov would have refused to kneel at least, but he was under the effects of Majesty and had his emotions shifted to "submissive" when it occurred.  So kneel he did and lost some standing among the court for it.

Also at one point Siobhan O'Baoill was called in to discuss the situation with her "claimed" human, Bennett.  Prince Saeed kindly offered to spare the man's life were he to be blood bound and kept in check by Siobhan O'Baoill.  As a Masquerade breach, and a violent one who had attacked FatherMother, he'd normally be killed on sight as punishment for his actions.

After this conversation, several vampires went to the service station where Gary Dodd disappeared and started investigating the toilet.  The service station attendant must have wondered greatly why five individuals were entering the disability access toilet together.  His theories couldn't have been helped when Novichkov banged on the walls to see if there were a hidden passage.

Yzador repeated Bennett's name thrice in the mirror, thinking of the legends of Bloody Mary, but nothing happened.  After a little more thinking he deduced that Bennett needed to be called out by a survivor of one of his attacks and so Siobhan O'Baoill stepped forward.  She had been attacked by Bennett during a side adventure (played out over the forums as a play-by-post).

The first time Siobhan O'Baoill mentioned his name thrice, the lights went out!  But it turned out to be Yzador with his hand on the switch.  The second time she did it, there was an answering knock from the walls.  The third time she repeated his name thrice, he appeared in the reflection behind her.
Novichkov reached out and touched the mirror, causing the lights to shatter and the power went off in a several block radius.  When nothing else happened, they returned to the Boozecan.

Elsa and Peter Walsh
Elsa has nothing but smiles for Peter Walsh.
Sheriff FatherMother then argued that Bennett should die for striking her and Siobhan O'Baoill kept arguing that he shouldn't.  In the end they decided to summon a True Fae, "The Blue Girl" since Bennett was one of her fetches.
Once summoned, The Blue Girl explained that Gary Dodd had already left the Mirror Realm for another one through the use of his Clan Stone obtained in the very first session.

The Blue Girl also explained that she could lure the Angel Faced Killer out of the Mirror Realm but that the vampires would have to repay her with his heart -- should they kill him.  Sheriff FatherMother agreed without the prince's permission (both he and the primogen were still in the back room) and the True Fae left moments before the prince and his advisors returned to the room.

Several minutes later, Bennett appeared out of the reflection in a mirror, bat in hand, looking anxious and distressed.  At the moment he wasn't in Angel Faced Killer mode and he begged them to kill him before he killed again.  He figured a room full of vampires should be able to take him down, though he couldn't promise not to fight back.

He described vague memories of seeing a female silhouette of green light lure Gary Dodd further into the Port Adelaide Train Museum on the mirror side, that's all he knew of Dodd's fate.  Prince Saeed talked him down (backed up by Majesty) with Siobhan O'Baoill's supportive pleas and he agreed to be taken into custody.  They couldn't disarm him, however, or else he would lose control and attack.
During all of this, Peter Walsh whispered in the ear of a few of the vampires that Bennett would likely die if blood bound as vampiric vitae tended to unravel spells and the Angel Faced Killer fetch was nothing if not a living spell.

Then Bennett went into a side room with Prince Saeed, Siobhan O'Baoill and Seamus O'Baoill (with Thomas McAllister in Obfuscate in the corner).  Realising they couldn't simply bond him into submission, they decided to sedate him and keep him in lock down until they figured out how to save them.

Finally Prince Saeed took the Ordo Dracul aside so that they could all go out to rescue Dodd from the Mirror Realm.  Of course before they could get to him they found themselves drawn into an otherworldly train -- the same one where Gary Dodd was drawn when he spent his stone.

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