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Demonic Cthulhu Character: Nithriel (PC)

Fallen Name: Nithriel
Titles: Dominion of the Azure Dome.
House: Asaru (Scourge)
Sub-House: Awakening (Dagan)
Legion: Iron (Champions of Humanity).
Faction: Faustian (Schemer)

House Personality Traits: Asharu find it hard to see the world in shades of grey and struggle to avoid black-and-white thinking in their day-to-day lives.  This struggle is especially strong when dealing with humanity for either all of humanity is worthy of saving or they are utterly beyond salvation.  Someone who tries to moderate their views will often also face the passion of their conviction.

Sub House Personality Trait: The Ellil were responsible for breathing life into all living creatures and quickening their hearts within the womb, while the Anshar spied on them from above to seek out and identify any threats before they come.  Thus the Ellil were in many respects the members closest to humanity within a house that forever watched them.

Fallen Relationships:

·         Her liege lord was dear Gadriel who had established the Choir of Dagan, once the Virtue of Sunlight's Kiss and now the Lord of Panacea Unbounded, this Asharu led the fallen to undo the efforts of cruel scourges and whose work even raised doubts in the hearts of loyalist angels.  He worked very closely with his subordinate, Nexalgor, before his disappearance.  When Gadriel was taken by enemy forces, Nexalgor of the Dancing Breeze (now Nazathor) took control of the squad and led it in his absence.

·         Fell Knight Belphigor personally defended her as she sought to salve the plague-ridden mortals controlled by the angelic host in one particular village and word of their deeds spread among humanity as people were brought from the very brink of death.

·         Riyazgor of the Black Cloud was the angel who had successfully demoralised the enemy with illnesses that attacked the human tribes, blasting the lands of the angelic host with corruption.  While he began the war with the same dream of hope and redemption, the actions of Caine sent him whirling into Abaddon's army marching upon Sagun.  He was rapidly promoted up the ranks to become an overlord for his unwavering dedication in leading parties of scorchers in sorties to blight enemy territory and strike down the forces.  It was his plague Nithriel healed.

·         Nithriel and Tamariel of the Sweet Breath, scion of the Iron Legion, once caught him in the act of poisoning a village's water supply.  He escaped with his life, though barely, and held a grudge against her from that point onward.  He called for sanctions against Scourges who focused on loving humanity rather than their obligations to fallen comrades, and it's said he took direct action against those fallen he considered treacherous.  Especially as some would stand between the fallen and enemy tribes in order to protect enemy humans.

·         Haruta handed over his tribe to her when he joined the Ebon Legion so that he could focus on a Total War against God so that humanity's mortality could quickly be reversed.

Physical Form and Powers:

House Power: She can return the recently dead and reasonably intact bodies to life (those who have died within seven hours) through touch and a minute of concentration as she fills them with enough healing energy that they return to life.  Such people awaken at -5 health (Hurt condition) and must mtake a 3-point Stability roll. Certain symbols and rites can prevent such bodies from coming back to sentient life.  All reasonably intact older bodies can be raised as non-sentient automata that will typically obey her commands rather thoughtlessly and last for hours equal to Faith before falling into a coma and dying within a day. 

Asharu Form Ability (Wings): A pair of eight-foot-long wings extends from her shoulders that allow her to take off from a standing position and glide up to three times her running speed.  Even without using these wings she is lifted a few inches above the ground by a non-existent breeze which runs through her hair, allowing her to pass through an area without leaving any prints.

Dagan Form Ability #1 (Kiss of Life): Spend 1 faith to heal 3 health points with a kiss.  This stacks with First Aid.

Dagan Form Ability #2 (Seizures): Nithriel can regenerate health points at double the usual rate so long as you remain in your revelatory form.
Human Host

Human Name: Ingrid Kensington
Nationality: American (New York)
Occupation: Assistant Pathologist
Age: 32


She had always wanted to work in medicine, but her parents despaired of her chances since women couldn't gain a medical degree at New York University at the time.  So she studied chemistry at the New York University and finished her honours degree in 1913, just in time for World War 1 to break out.  She worked in a factory during the war making pharmaceuticals and got a solid taste of working life. 

The moment the doors were opened in 1917, however, she resigned her position and took her entrance exam.  She won't have graduated yet by the time the campaign begins in August, 1922, but her chemistry major is acceptable and that cuts down her coursework by three years.  She has accomplished two years of medical school (1917-1919), and has begun her pathology residency (1920-1924).  As the introductory adventure begins in the summer of 1922, she will only be halfway through her residency when the game begins but will have completed it by the time Masks of Nyarlathotep begins.

She was very lucky to get her residency at the New York Hospital as few pathologists were willing to take her under their wing.  Luckily Mr. Rupert Harper wanted to be involved in a state-wide first and so he eagerly accepted her written request before he had even clapped eyes on her.  Currently her position namely involves weighing and measuring organs, and noting down the main pathologist's works, but she does have some freedom and responsibility when conducting tests and making decisions.  Hopefully she'll manage to gain a fellowship in 1925 (though as early 1925 is when Masks of Nyarlathotep begins, she won't get the chance to complete it).

A member of the New York Pathological Society with a couple hundred other individuals which meets at the lecture-hall of the College of Physicians and Surgeons though she is often expected to serve simple refreshments as a condition of entry.  The Society meets every Saturday afternoon at four o'clock, bringing all the specimens with them that they could obtain, and are welcome to invite their friends who are interested in the study of pathology to meet with them.  There is very little organisation involved in this organisation.  Ingrid is the only female pathologist who attends, though she isn't the only female attendee.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Pathological_Society

Known Humans:

Her father, Jonah Kensington, is the owner, accountant and chief financial officer of Prospero Press which is a small publishing company that focuses on printing those books that deserve to be printed due to their interest for mankind.  He is a friendly and charming individual who loves sitting down with writers in the tea room to hear of their experiences first-hand.  There's even a small typewriter room with a bookcase full of appropriate books for their writers to use that was his idea, with a tiny kitchen coming off of it.  He had expected Ingrid would join the family business but supports her in her unusual endeavour.

Her mother, Julia Kensington, is the chief editor of Prospero Press and she is a driven and focused woman who is ever eager to learn new stories.  She used to be an avid reader, but she hasn't the time anymore so she's always after the cliff-notes.  She can never relax and is always trying to get things done.  She's eager for Ingrid to enjoy her time as an assistant pathologist but accepts that one day she will marry and there will always be a job for her at the publishing company.  Of course until she has kids there's no reason why Ingrid needs to mention her wedding to her employers.

Her sister, Cornelia Kensington, is a magician's assistant who is eager to learn all of their magical tricks so that she may one day take to her stage.  Unfortunately all they want her for is an easy distraction for the general public.  How can a pretty young woman be a good magician if the focus is on her rather than her assistant?  How will she find someone prettier?  The idea is preposterous to them.  Still she tries, and she tries, though she has a very irritating suitor in Jack Roman who is an apprentice magician to her boss (and who is quite a handsome distraction himself).  She met Dell O'Dell once, who does magic and vaudeville tricks as part of her father's circus, and has been enamoured ever since.  She has a crush on Jackson Elias.

Mr. Rupert Harper is her chief supervisor during her residency and though he initially thought she wouldn't be capable of doing much more than making tea and trying not to throw up while she wrote down her notes, it turned out she was quite a resilient individual who didn't go green at all. After the first few days of testing and teasing her, he's grown quite accustomed to having her around and no longer points out her gender in any which way, finding her just as ghoulishly curious about specimens as he is.

Jackson Elias is a traveling writer who publishes through Prospero Press and brings them a substantial amount of income (hence why they'll wire him so much cash in return).  He's already written several books about cults around the world and is looking for his next big ticket.  Thoroughly egalitarian and not a bit racist, he treats everyone as an individual (whose calibre he can judge quite well) and has this knack of making you feel like he's truly listening to you regardless of race, gender or even age.  A rare feature for a man of his era.

Pillars of Stability:
·        Mr. Rupert Harper (Pathologist)
·        Cornelia Kensington (Sister)
·        To Be Decided
Sources of Sanity:
·        Faustian Affiliation
·        Intrinsic Value of Human Life??
·        Purity of the Iron Legion

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