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Demonic Cthulhu Character: Gipontel (PC)

Fallen Name: Fell Knight Gipontel
Titles: Seraph of the Shifting Horizon
House: Annunaki (Malefactor)
Sub-House: Forge (Mummu)
Legion: Silver (Experimenters)
Faction: Cryptic (Information gatherer)
Fallen Appearance:

Demonic Personality Traits:

House Personality Traits: Annunaki find it difficult to comprehend human emotion, including their own, having been built with a supreme focus on the physical matter of the universe -- despite ironically being made of entirely spiritual stuff.  This also set them apart from the other Houses and left them with both a general feeling of isolation mixed with greater loyalty and affinity toward their own House.

Sub House Personality Trait: The Mummu were a development that occurred during the war against the Great Entity where the Annunaki had to both create weapons for use by the fallen and to teach and provide the various sentient races with tools that would improve their lives.  All Mummu were initially created to create Matter (Earth) or to create and control the distance between said Matter (Paths).  Their change in overarching function only occurred among the most ingenious and curious of the Annunaki who had to find new methods of achieving their goals.

Gipontel Personality Traits: An intelligent and resourceful fellow, who is driven by his curiosity to find out more about the world.  Unlike many Cryptics, his desires for information intertwine with his plans as he seeks to put what he has learned to a practical use.

Fallen Relationships:

·         Ahrimal is a lowly Fiend who foresaw that a catastrophe would befall humanity and confided in Gipontel who directed him to inform the Thrones so that they could give their better judgement.  The two remained friends though Ahrimal turned his back on the factions and became an Ashen Seer whose insights were often sought but rarely given.

·         His liege lord after the Fall was initially Telchinen (Devil, Glory In The Word of God) who focused on the effects of language on the human mind and who would spend hours in conversation with him. Later he was tricked into serving Lady Belphegor, before leaving with Belphigor and later serving an unknown liege lord before the end of the war.

·         Oracle Javiel, Hand of Infinity, Fiend and one-time companion of Ahrimal, whose talent for reading the strands of causality was so powerful she became a close confidant to the Morningstar and was the target of an audacious assassination attempt.  Eccentric and unpredictable.  Crimson Legionnaire.

·         A student of Nemere before his destruction, where he learned Lore of the Forge.

·         Zipacna, Fusion of Matter and Flesh, Malefactor, who spent a short while as a vassal to Gipontel before being sent into an independent research division.

Physical Form and Powers:

House Power: Gipontel has the ability to shape objects by running his hands across them though each component must be made separately.  In other words, he could craft a radio by sculpting the individual components but couldn't simply run his hands over a collection of copper and Bakelite and make the radio in an instant.  Naturally this has a lot of versatility.  Unfortunately it takes time and requires materials.

Annunaki Form Ability (Iron Skin): Gipontel gains 2 points of armour and 1 point of resistance to fire.

Mummu Form Ability #1 (Creator's Mark): Gipontel can use his Awareness to know who created a touched object, when it was constructed and the manner of its construction.

Mummu Form Ability #2 (Relentless): Gipontel can physically work without need of rest, and is able to cover superhuman distances without pause.  As long as he stays in motion, he is unaffected by fatigue or hunger.  He can work relentlessly in a workshop so long as he is in his revelatory form.

Human Name: Theodore Ashburne of Blessington
Nationality: British
Occupation: Dilettante (second son of a lord).
Age: 16
Human Appearance: A brunette lad wearing glasses.

Human Relations:

His mother, Lady Joan Ashburne, is a strong and clever woman who is skilful at manipulating political situations to her husband's advantage through the right application of social pressure brought about through skilful invitations to the right soirees and manipulating husbands through their wives.  She  feigns 'feminine' confusion whenever she is brought up on doing something her husband doesn't want her to do.  She's against women's suffrage as she believes that it will only achieve two votes for every man as no woman would go against her husband's will in such an overt manner.  Women should be subtle schemers.  Due to this, she often bands together with her daughters for private conversations and leaves her sons to do their manly activities.  Often her sons feel left out but she is a firm believer in the idea of women's business.

His father, Lord George Ashburne, Earl of Astley, married his mother due to her keen political skills and the two love each other quite a bit though they are often at odds with their plans for their children.  He is a firm traditionalist and definite conservative who is often at a loss with the irritating changes that have occurred during the past decade.  He finds his daughters quite perplexing, and is perpetually disappointed in both of his sons.

Born in 1892, Elizabeth is the eldest daughter who used the Great War as a fantastic excuse to become a nurse at the age of 22.  When her fiancĂ© died in 1914, she decided to focus her efforts entirely on the hospital and has quickly risen in the ranks.  She refused to marry another man following the Great War and is close friends with another spinster nurse.  She is a stoic and focused young woman who quietly supports women's suffrage.

Henrietta is the middle child, born in 1898, who married a soldier at the tender age of 19.  Her husband, Duncan Wells, is now a reasonable and unremarkable political advisor who is a staunch supporter of Neville Chamberlain (much to her father's unremitting disgust).  She's always been fond of racing cars and has been looking into investing in a car and driver of her own.  Her husband is supportive and when Gipontel returns from New York to finish his boarding school studies in Britain, he will encourage her to learn more about the mechanics of racing cars so that she can improve her investment.  She has a five-year-old girl, Dora, and a 2-year-old boy, Paul, whom she loves dearly.

Reginald is the eldest son, born in 1904, who struggles to be the very picture of the perfect lord as he knows he will inherit both land and title.  He is, by turns, both smug and stoic and though he tries to affect reasonableness he really doesn't know what it is and ends up quite sanctimonious.  He was never very close to the other children or his mother as his father claimed him quite early on with tutors to set him apart from his sisters.  Really he is very insecure and needy, but lacks the language to express it.  He's just finished boarding school and is starting to study the intricacies of being a lord under his father.

Gwen is his twin sister, born in 1906, who is a very energetic and enthusiastic young lady who is eager to explore the world, meet new people and try new things.  She's very much a Bright Young Thing, but fiendishly clever as well.  She's an excellent horse rider, skilled fox hunter and has a trained hawk she calls 'Bubbly'.  Her best friend is Letty (Lettice), who is a very similar character, and who once had a serious discussion with Theodore when they were fourteen years old regarding their potential marriage prospects since they know each other so well.  Gwen is a bit of a brat, and loves judging people on their clothes and etiquette, but are deep down lovely people who will help people out and won't be snide or judgemental to someone's face as they won't want to hurt their feelings.

His manservant, Edmund Rittington, is an elderly fellow who used to serve as valet to Lord George Ashburne.  Once Theodore is of age he intends to ask to have him as a valet as a form of retirement for the fellow, rather than someone able to keep up and get overly involved.  Once possessed, Gipontel will seek to pact with him so that while he appears aged he will not act it.



Pillars of Stability:

·         Gwen (sister)

·         To Be Decided

·         To Be Decided

·         To Be Decided


Sources of Sanity:

·         Cryptic Affiliation

·         House of Annunaki

·         The March of Progress

·         Intrinsic Value of Animal / Human / Fallen Life

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