Friday, September 28, 2012

Critterbug Stats (New World of Darkness)

I'm preparing for tonight's Demon the Fallen game and figured I might as well give you the mechanical details I've already put together.  At some point I'll also put up the Hacking Style I've created though its only written on a single piece of paper right now and I don't have it near me so I can't do that one today.

The Critterbug is a creature that was spawn from the nuclear radiation in the nuked side of the USA (which is everything barring the East Coast) though just like the zombies the radiation is only a small part of the picture.  I won't tell you their exact cause.  You'll need to read along the Dystopic Campaign to find out.  Since I doubt you'd use the Critterbug in the same campaign world you'd likely need to come up with your own reasonings.  Perhaps they're an ancient species of insect?  Perhaps its what happens when spirits of a certain type claim insects?  There's plenty of options.

The Critterbugs lay eggs in small clutches and the insects eat each other until their half grown at which point they grow their wings.  They instinctively don't eat any insect that has its wings.  In this way, two to three insects might survive from any particular clutch.  They have a natural lifespan of around 7 years but they grow surprisingly quickly on very little food.  Experiments suggest that they can actually draw minerals out of the ground itself.  While they can live in irradiated areas, they are normally not heavily irradiated themselves though attempting to eat their chitinous flesh is a bad idea because they are carnivorous.  They don't eat vegetation.

Attributes For An Adult:
Intelligence: 1, Wits: 3, Resolve 2,
Strength 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4,
Presence 3, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
Skills: Athletics 3 (Climbing), Brawl 3, Survival 3, Intimidate 1
Willpower: 4
Initiative: 6
Defense: 3
Running Speed: 16
Size: 7
Type Damage Test pool
Bite 2 (L) 10
Charge 0 (B*) 8
*Special: Knock down
Health: 11
Armour: 2 / 1 (2 against Bashing and 1 against Lethal due to Chitinous Hide)
Flight: Clumsy.  They have to make Dexterity + Athletics rolls to change direction in flight.  They must roll Stamina + Athletics if they wish to fly more than 100 feet in any direction.  Each success provides an additional 10 feet of flight.

Attributes For A Juvenile:
As above but reduce Size to 5, physical stats each by 1, and flight to 50 feet with successes providing an additional 5 feet of flight.

Attributes For Young:
As above but reduce Size to 3, physical stats each by 2 and remove armour and their ability to fly.

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