Friday, September 7, 2012

Skill Under The Spotlight: Computer

This is probably one of the easiest skills to understand but, oddly enough, it's one of those skills that people rarely think to use unless there's literally a password protected computer in front of them flashing the words ENTER PASSWORD. That's a huge shame because a lot of information is held online and potentially accessible to a hacker. Plus there's all sorts of proactive uses for it that can help you out.

Create a workable database to speed up research times (Wits + Computers).
Do research in online databases and the internet (Intelligence + Computers).
Operate complex computer program (Intelligence + Computers).
Create computer programs (Intelligence + Computers).
Knowing facts about hardware and software (Intelligence + Computers).
Entering information into computers (Resolve + Computers).
Working with a computer on a time limit or under pressure (Composure + Computers).
Creating a user-friendly web-site that hits the top of the Google search (Manipulation or Wits + Computers).
Crashing a web-site so that no one can access it (Intelligence + Computers).
Hack into secured systems (Intelligence + Computers).
Hack into a system secured by a system administratior (Intelligence + Computers vs. sysadmin's Intelligence + Computers, whoever attains successes equal to the opponents overall Intelligence + Computers first, wins).
Secure your system (Intelligence + Computer).
Counter a hacking attempt on your computer (Intelligence + Computers vs. their Intelligence + Computers, whoever attains successes equal to the opponents overall Intelligence + Computers first, wins).
Enhance an existing software program to give yourself an equipment bonus for later skill uses (Intelligence + Computers).
Build a superior computer for an equipment bonus for computers (Intelligence + Computers).
Build a computerised control system for a vehicle or other machine (Intelligence + Computers).
Automate a process (Intelligence + Computers).
Analyse data with a program (Intelligence + Computers).
Find holes in an electronic security system that can be exploited / patched (Wits + Computers).
Cover up the masquerade by stating that photographs of the supernatural are the result of special effects using facts and suggestions drawn from your electronic experience (Manipulation + Computers).
Actually do special effects on photographs (Intelligence + Computers).
Create certain fake I.D.’s (Intelligence + Computers - or Larceny with a specialty).
Understand programmable electronics (such as a VCR) (Wits + Computers).
Create a computer virus, trojan horse, or similar program (Intelligence + Computers).
Insert details of your false identity into certain key databases (Intelligence + Computers).
Remove all mention of you (or another person) from certain key databases (Intelligence + Computers).
Input all the right information into various databases that the government keeps an eye on in order to flag someone as a possible terrorist to National Security Organisations (Intelligence + Computers and a prior knowledge of the sorts of things they look for and what databases they have access to).

So there you go, that should keep you hackers busy.

By the way you can find the core article with all of the other likely links over here.

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