Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flashpoint: Warehouse Theft

Lenny's player wasn't here so they decided to take down the warehouse first since Lenny wasn't all that interested in all that stealthing about. Lhye had learned from the dwarven seamstress that there were nine dwarves, they used axes, shaved their entire bodies in respect to their elven 'god' (a man who probably failed the Starstone Test but they feel he'll be back soon), were incredibly ritualistic, and who accepted a shipment of food every Wealday morning (pre-dawn) before four of them set out to the market place (more out of ingrained habit than anything else).

Oh, and their mission giver from the Aspis Consortium arrived at their ship to confirm that they were going to do the mission and to give them a Bag of Holding I. He told them that the Aspis wanted a large darkwood trunk with a bronze finish across the hinges and the lock and that it should weigh half as much as the bag can carry. They could take everything else inside and keep the bag should they return the trunk to him. He also warned them how wide the Aspis' reach can be.

So they gagged and handcuffed the dwarven seamstress, Lhye used Disguise Self to become her, and the rest of them were smuggled in barrels of food (Marxus, Proteus' monkey, Archer, Lunjun) and water (Proteus). Lhye managed to goad the donkey into moving the cart and they reached the warehouse at a timely pace. The food was deposited inside, Lhye was paid 60 gold pieces and Lhye retreated with the cart out of sight.

The infiltrators came out of the barrels into the pitch darkness. Proteus created four 'fireflies' out of Dancing Lights and put them to the corners of this segment of the warehouse where a number of exotic weapons and other such things had been unpacked from a crate and laid across one table. A silver tipped boar spear, blow gun, masterwork Chelish Breastplate, masterwork bolas, masterwork harpoon, and a klar (a triceratops head turned into a shield). There was also a masterwork blood crystal trident and quadrons which Lunjun and Archer identified using Geography and Nature.

Marxus wrapped the pointy ends of these things with Lunjun to stow in the bag. Lunjun also finds 17 stone steles of varying sizes that are carved in polyglot with spells carved into them - a primitive spell book. Marxus also identifies the small lock box that contains the Lacedon-infected tablets which Proteus recognises as having a strong necromantic aura. They shove all of that into the Magic Bag barring the Darkwood Trunk.

Proteus locates the Darkwood Trunk behind a pair of crates by using Detect Magic and noticing a faint conjuration aura, strong abjuration aura, and moderate abjuration. They decide to open the trunk before delivering it but wait until they've snuck out of the warehouse (no sign of the dwarves) through the front door (as there's a dog in the back yard). They go down the streets a way and then Lunjun tries Knock on it twice and fails. Archer blows off the lock with one of his Gunslinger abilities with a natural 20! After all, they could repair the lock (which by this point they had identified as Elysian bronze) with Mending.

Archer heads over and opens the trunk and then sort of freezes and his face goes limp but no one makes the Sense Motive check (or has it as a skill, really) to realise what's going on. He opens the trunk top (still on the car) and they see a woman start to rise from the cramped confines, pale-skinned, dark-haired and with bright blue eyes. She wears a red amulet at her throat and a pale blue shimmering shawl that seems to ripple like water over a black dress. Belted at her hip is a morning star that seems to be almost silvery steel but which seems to reflect faintly golden whenever the light hits it.

Lhye recognises her as a vampire and somehow manages to goad the donkey into a sudden run and it takes a corner heading for the ocean. The others try to pile on the trunk lid to close it but fail the first time. Lhye's car chirrup-purs and hops into the trunk with her -- disturbing Lhye to no end. They manage to get the trunk closed but the bumpy cart disrupts Lunjun's concentration and he fails to cast Arcane Lock on the device from his scroll. She turns to mist and escapes through the hole in the lock and trails away from them.

They slow the cart, panic a bit, let the cat out, seal the trunk, and head back for the ship and the Aspis Consortium member to bald faced lie to him about how they'd delivered it as is. They're all very worried about the whole thing and Lhye is starting to wonder what this means about his patron if his cat - a representative of his patron - voted in favor of the vampire.

And therein the session ended. Tune in next time! Though next time won't be next week as game won't be on until the week after.


  1. WHAT? How did I miss them botching all this after I left?
    PALM --> FACE
    At a rapid pace no less...

  2. The only way to have prevented it would have been to tell them not to open the trunk.

    Then again, I suppose Proteus might well have done so after that 'bone' incident.