Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dystopic Special Equipment

At the start of the campaign I gave my players the opportunity to decide on three concepts for special equipment for their characters.  I then put together the rules to make their hopes and dreams a reality.  I thought you might be interested.  These rules are for the new World of Darkness.


Sheathed Blades
+2 Lethal Damage.
These spring-mounted blades are hidden in sub-dermal sheaths at the wrist, elbow, and below the knee that are specially designed to protect the wearers.  Their bio-mechanical design ensures that they will function even in an EMP field as they do not require electronics and respond instead to tendon action against the augmentation.

Mechanical Cloak
This augmentation provides a +5 bonus to Stealth against non-video mechanical surveillance (metal detectors, infra red or ultra-violet detection).  This field has been specially calculated to defend the target against identification and will not extend to cover anything beyond four inches from the body.

The Mask
This mask provides 30x binocular vision and can be connected to various open grids to allow information to be downloaded and overlaid across the visual field by those who know the correct IP.  It also includes an encoded verbal transmitter and receiver with a maximum range of 500 feet in a short-wave radio format or anywhere within mobile phone range in the satellite format.


Neural-Wireless Interface Prototype Mark I
This is the basic design which allows the user to access computers over Wi-Fi or other networks using the mind alone.  It also allows information access but this requires a penalty to other senses that are currently in use by the interface (visual and/or audio).  This penalty can range from -1 to absolute.  Trained Observer does mitigate this penalty.

Neural-Wireless Wave Design Prototype
This upgrade allows the user to access hard-linked devices such as Intranets that are not normally accessible without a keyboard at an appropriate access point.  This might involve hand scanners, video cameras, or other security devices that lack a keyboard.  The user places their hand against the device and seeker wires erupt to locate and interface with the device to operate it manually using the Neural-Wireless Interface.

Bee Tip Augmentation
These sharp devices extrude from specially designed finger pads inserted in the finger tips.  One set of the devices are electrodes that allow the individual to administer a tazer on a touch attack.  The other set of devices can absorb poisons or sedatives that can be administered through shallow skin punctures (poisons that require a vein will not work with this design).  These devices are not metal and therefore not subject to metal detection.  These devices are administered with a successful Brawl roll.


Dragon Armour
This body suit uses a fluid design held between two layers of ballistic material that will harden upon impact from a high velocity object and then ripple away much of the force.  While this has a much reduced value against sharp objects and a slightly lower armour value versus subsonic ammunition (2), it isn’t detectable from metal detectors, protects the body except for the face and often the hands from toxins (+2 bonus unless face is specifically target), protects against fire (-1 to damage for first three rounds) and provides slight protection against radiation (+1 bonus).

‘Whisperfox’ SMG
+4L damage
30 foot range
40 bullet clip
Rate: 4

This smart weapon emits a sound that counters the noise that comes from this compact SMG to ensure that it is utterly and eerily silent.  However, there is still a significant muzzle flash that can be spotted by those who are looking in its direction.  It uses 4.6x30mm rounds and is otherwise identical to the H&K MP7 Gas Operated Submachine Gun.

Spirit Ammunition
These specially designed bullets are etched with mystical symbols and use an alchemical gunpowder derivative which allows the bullets to strike spirits and other immaterial beings that are capable of being injured in the astral plane.  These bullets don't injure material creatures and therefore can be sprayed with abandon or shot at a victim of possession.

Nomad 6

HK (HunterKiller) Bow
    L damage
      foot range

With its targeting scope, this bow can be aimed like a sniper rifle and allows for the use of the sniping skill at reasonably close range (100ft).  It’s also made of sturdier stuff and is fireproof.  The cord itself has Durability 5 while the bow has Durability 6 which makes it sturdy enough to be used as a melee weapon.  The sharp point on the top end can also be used as a +1 blade.  The HK company are keeping their lips sealed about the materials used in the item’s construction.

Chessner Dropship (Iraqi)
+3 Handling
Acceleration 19
Safe Speed: 257km/hour
Top Speed: 1200km/hour
2+8 People
Durability 6
Size 22
Structure 28

Power tanks are partially regenerating which is due to the use of applied phlebtonium (pseudo-science) which ensures that the fuel is actually radioactive and produces a cold heat that nevertheless causes the drop ship to have all of the manoeuvrability of a helicopter.  The energy pads are beneath the wings which can be rotated and uses as a weapon at very short range (5 feet).  The engines can travel 2500km at normal speed before requiring a 24 hour recharge.  If jet speeds are employed it can travel 700km before requiring a 24 hour recharge.  After 200,000km the fuel cells must be replaced.  

HK (HunterKiller) Ammunition
The HK bow is capable of firing a number of ammunition fair and true although some of them have limited range due to their weight and size.  He can have 12 arrows of odd shapes or up to 20 regularly shaped arrows (screamers and regular arrows).  Current choices of ammunition include:

·         Grappling Hook (+1B damage, 120ft range)
·         Flares (As Flare Gun, 30ft range)
·         Screamer (as regular ammunition but intimidating)
·         Sonic Blast (6 dice to deafen versus their Stamina + Composure)
·         Smoke (As Smoke Grenade, 30ft range, half radius)
·         Tear Gas (As Tear Gas Grenade, 30ft range, half radius)
·         Grenade (As Grenade, 30ft range, half radius and damage)


Investigator Glasses
These fashionable glasses can switch between Ultra Violet mode (all the better to notice blood sprayed with luminal), Infra Red mode, x3 zoom function, and can take snapshot recordings if a button beside the right spectacle.  These snapshots can be played back over the goggles or downloaded to a computer.  It can also make three short high quality video recordings of up to 1 minute OR three low quality video recordings of up to 10 minutes OR about an hour worth of audio recordings.  They can double as sunglasses in bright light although they aren’t capable of coping with a flashbang or any violent sudden or bright light.

This Mobile Forensics Kit is a stunning piece of electronic technology which is capable of detecting all sorts of compounds.  If you put a piece of carpet in there, it can analyse it for fibre matches or tell you if there were any accelerants found in there.  It can analyse blood types, run DNA or fingerprint matches if given two samples, and detect toxins in meat.  It can also be used to analyse fluids or crumbled solids and give a read out on all of the terrestrial material compounds found within.  It basically acts as a fully functional CSI lab and, though it still requires all the necessary rolls, it gets results in a cinematic amount of time (rounds or minutes) rather than a realistic amount of time (hours, days, or weeks).

Ghost Glass
This device is an old magnifying glass that is about four inches wide and set in an etched brass frame.  The magnifying glass has turned opaque over the years and sometimes it refracts the light into rainbows and other streaks of colour when in the presence of spirits, ghosts, and other unearthly or transient entities within the astral plane.  It is also said to be of use in detecting subtle possessions, elf gates, and whether someone is currently being plagued by a dream entity.  While it won't always give definitive answers, even with a successful occult roll, it always provides hints and tips that can help the players move forward.

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