Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where's this week's posts go?

I imagine that the above question has run through my regular reader's minds.  Well, in short: I'm knackered after finishing a couple projects at work and therefore haven't put all my usual brilliant (ahem!) words to paper ... err, keyboard.  Don't worry.  We'll be back to your regular programming soon enough.

While we await the return of my gumption, drive and ability to blather on about whichever topic I'm passionate about at the time, how about we think about the next year?

What sort of elements of this blog have you been enjoying?  What would you prefer to see more of?

For example, say you like the Actual Plays but would enjoy them more if they had more quotes in them.  Or perhaps you'd like it more geared toward being able to run it yourself?

How about the Game Translations?  Which ones are your fave and why?  Are you enjoying them?  Would you like them better if....?

We all have different opinions, of course, but I can't know which sorts of articles you like unless you tell me. I might even cease or cut back on certain articles that may even be your favourite because I don't know any better.  So head on down to the Comments section and let me know your thoughts even if it's just: "Usual business is fine.  More please."


  1. The theory posts are always fun, things like techniques and mechanics discussion, and for those it doesn’t tend to matter if I’ve played the game in question or how much our interests line up. Game Translations are interesting, though it depends a lot on whether I’m familiar with the game as to how much I get out of it or have to say. That being said, the ones I’ve commented most on I haven’t played. Specific mechanics posts depend on the game, so the Skill under the Spotlight for WoD is a bit lost on me, I’m afraid :) I mean, I check ‘em out and they look good, I just don’t know the system.

    Actual Play is a bit trickier because it varies so much, though in general I like vicarious gaming. The Flashpoint games I’m interested in and following, it’s a familiar ruleset and I can tell what’s going on. Dystopic hasn’t gripped me for some reason, but I don’t know anything about the system. I’d quite like to hear how the Cthulhu creepy mansion game went sometime (hint). It's interesting to see the occasional notes on how you handled decisions and so on.

    I’ve accidentally ended up on a gaming hiatus, so that changes how much I think about stuff and comment. Just don’t feel as inspired when I’m not doing anything myself.

    1. Cthulhu creepy mansion? Do you mean the one I put together that Sims 3 map for?

    2. I was thinking this one. I don't remember the Sims 3 map specifically? Maybe my brain just dried up a little.

  2. Ahh, I'm still working on that one. I may end up introducing it through Dystopic as I don't know if I'll be running any games other than my primary two very often. Either that or through the vampire, James Tyler, game.

    As to your confusion about Dystopic. Dystopic's system is World of Darkness (specifically a nWoD form of Demon: the Fallen) but the actual gameplay style is Cyberpunk meets Call of Cthulhu, hence all the hacking and investigation. At some stage I'm going to run a futuristic Masks of Nyarlathotep game stretching across multiple societies (some of which are tyrannies rather than cyberpunk models). I'm not sure if that'll help give you context or confuse you more but it might help.

  3. Sure. Well, when you get round to it, I'm all ears! Um, eyes. Whatevers.

    I feel really dense right now. For some reason I'd been assuming "Dystopic" was its own system, with a sort of Shadowrun/Cthulhoid feel, that I'd never heard of. I'll try again and see if I can make more sense of it now. Hacking Masks for another system sounds interesting... I've been vaguely thinking about messing about with it to make something less demanding and less of a major commitment, that my players might actually sign up for.

    1. My players wouldn't be too keen on Masks as it stands but would be eager for anything globe trotting in this world.

      The system is Demon: the Fallen so looking into that should give you the basics. It's an old World of Darkness game although many of the other supernatural groups in the campaign (Changelings, Vampires, Werewolves, spirits, etc.) are from new World of Darkness.

      Dystopic is it's own campaign world, however. I'll start posting up the various 'city guides' I've made for my players which should make it a bit easier.