Monday, December 17, 2012

Flashpoint: The Island's Interior

Lhye recalled a ruined fishery to the west of the island but when they arrived at the walled encampment with its stone walls they found that it looked in pretty good repair.  A tall metal fence ringed one side of it, entering the water, with some oddly shaped inlets / cages for capturing baby reefclaws when the tide washes them through.  They found the wooden gate in good repair and it has an auroch skull as a door knocker which, considering the demon spotted on the island, made them wonder if there were some kind of demonic worshipper there.

They knocked on the door and heard a large dog barking.  A wild-looking Varisian woman with a tattooed face peeked over the wall and treated them with suspicion (a blue guy and a tiefling?) but they talked their way inside and she opened the wooden gates using a winch system on the inside.  She seemed pretty confident -- which made sense considering that her home was Consecrated.  It turns out that she's a cleric of Erastil which explained all the cairns with animal bones about the place (a lesser known series of Varisian traditions from a settled village area just north of Riddleport).  She's been here for the past ten years hunting reefclaws and giving the rare folk who visit the island sanctuary.  She wants it to be homely as she's hoping to get herself a husband one of these days.

Her house was a ramshackle affair, however, the second storey tilting precariously over the square stone base.  A ladder led up into that storey which is where she kept her bedding and, presumably, other things.  The bottom floor was rather homely with a cooking fire and chimney, some chairs, a table, and things like that.  Outdoors she'd managed a rather small and spindly garden in the weak soil.

They ask her to look after Haylei for them as they head to the stone circle and she accepts on the condition that they come back and spend some social time with her.  On finding out that they'd paid the boatmen to return at dusk, she gets a bit annoyed and says she'll need to track them down to make sure they don't get killed by baby reefclaw swarms as they get aggressive at that time of day.

And so off they go to the stone circle, fighting two schir along the way.  The stone circle is basically like a far smaller stone henge with only 9 internal stones and 15 in the outer ring.  There's a stone base lying on two other stones in the center of these circles.  As Lhye enters, the stones vibrate with a gentle hum.  They can tell that the stones are magical and have a moderate evocation aura.  There's a number of dove and pigeon feathers around which makes them think that there's some kind of sympathetic magic at play here.  Considering the devils wanted Lhye's blood they decide to give that a go.

It takes a bit of effort to get through Lhye's DR as nobody has cold iron but soon they are merrily marking all of the stones with his blood and find that each of the internal stones rings out with a different tuning fork sound.

So yes, a short session but that happens occasionally if we're all in a bit of a muck about and idle chit chat mood.

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