Friday, December 21, 2012

Skill Under The Spotlight: Science

Science is generally easy to think up uses for but surprisingly rarely used in a lot of games perhaps because games of occult science don't come up so much outside of the Ordo Dracul and even then it normally falls under the occult skill.  Your best bet is not to be too shy in coming forward with requests to use the Science skill if it seems appropriate.  Sometimes the Storyteller just won't think of how you could use Science to take a look at a strange animal's meaty bones to see if you can identify if it's canine or something else.

Specialties can range from various sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) to various uses for sciences such as Pharmaceuticals or Mechanical Design.

Create a drug (Intelligence + Science).
Put together a chemical mixture (Intelligence + Science).
Make an explosive (Intelligence + Science).
Identify a chemical compound (Intelligence + Science).
Detect ignition fluid in the bomb evidence (Intelligence + Science).
Find forensic evidence (Wits + Science).
Identify forensic evidence (Intelligence + Science).
Know what forensic teams can accomplish (Intelligence + Science).
Destroy forensic evidence accurately (Intelligence or Wits + Science).
Decipher scientific texts (Intelligence or Wits + Science).
Play havoc with the electrical systems (Intelligence + Science).
Invent a mechanical device (Resolve or Intelligence + Science).
Perform an experiment (Intelligence + Science).
Comprehend an experimental write-up (Intelligence + Science).
Demolish a building in a few simple steps (Intelligence + Science).
Identify botany or other critters beneath the microscope (Intelligence + Science).
Identify botany or other critters in the wild (Wits + Science).
Understand where a supernatural departs from natural laws (Intelligence + Science).
Complete microsurgery or other microscope-based actions (Dexterity + Science).
Know just how to lift, push, or pull objects to take advantage of physics to help you (Strength + Science).
Figure out how to use your own mental focus and other biological principles to maintain concentration under pressure or pain (Stamina + Science).
Impress another scientist (Manipulation or Presence + Science).
Witness a rather grotesque or upsetting scientific experiment (Composure + Science).
Fake being a scientist (Manipulation + Science).
Perform a scientific presentation (Presence + Science).
Convince someone using scientific knowledge (Manipulation + Science).
Cover up the masquerade using scientific blather (Presence or Manipulation + Science).
Recognise laboratory equipment (Wits or Intelligence + Science).
Use laboratory equipment (Intelligence + Science).
Create a really good fire (Intelligence + Science).
Demolish a building using explosions (Intelligence + Science).
Placement of explosives (Intelligence + Science).

This will be the last Skill Under The Spotlight for awhile as I'd like to spend my Fridays talking about other aspects of my current games' worldbuilding or other more technical articles.

You can find the core article with all of the other likely links over here.

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