Monday, March 10, 2014

Kickstarter Games

Has anyone else noticed how many of the very successful Kickstarters include whole new books as stretch goals?  Some of them offer a half dozen free additions as stretch goals.  I don't know how they manage to budget it all in but it's great to get a slow but steady trickle of books over the year which is like investing in a series of presents to be delivered to you over the year.

I say deliver, but I mean 'activate links to its download site' because I'm in Australia and postage is often too painful to even contemplate.

At present I'm in with Achtung Cthulhu, Cthulhu 7th Edition and Cthulhu Britannica's latest set (can't remember what it's called).  I'm also in with the latest Tex Murphy videogame (squee!) which isn't relevant to a roleplaying blog, but hey, it's my blog I can squee if I want to!


  1. It's really good. I assume basically it's very good accounting; if the stretch goal is hit then they can afford to pay for the content, and quite possibly have already got submissions so they know it's viable. PDFs are even better because there's no printing cost to worry about.

    Arthur was mentioning the other day that a Kickstarter/Lulu combination could be really good because you could get books printed at backers' local Lulu site, minimising postage costs. I think the idea was to issue Lulu vouchers to backers matching their pledge, but taking advantage of Kickstarters to get buyers in early and recoup costs rather than having to wait.

    1. Although to be fair, I say "it's really good" but haven't backed any RPGs myself. I just have too much lying around unread and unplayed to justify that.

    2. Understandably. The other thing I love about .pdf packages, though, is that it lets me really boost my collections without further overburdening my bookcases.

      My poor bookcases.

    3. Yeah, I'm with you there. I read 135 books last year in a desperate attempt to free up space. Now I have only exactly as many books as fit on my shelves. And chest of drawers. And that pile by my bed. So, about 500.

      Technically I'm not allowed any more until I read the ones I haven't yet, but people keep giving me stuff!