Thursday, March 6, 2014

LARP ideas

Oh so many LARP ideas!  It hasn't helped that I've been researching them and therefore seeing everyone else's juicy, juicy LARPs.  Cthulhu-based occult mysteries?  Yes, please!  Trail-esque skill point spends?  Why not?!  How about fantasy romps through myriad modules?  Mm, yummy!  Zombie bash ups?  How is this not a thing already?  Mainstream murder mysteries?  Should be plenty of these out there.  Covenant-style vampire games (each covenant has their own sessions)?  Already written up a booklet per covenant!

I think the hardest part about running LARPs will be limiting myself to only running certain LARPs.


  1. If you're looking for things to run, there's a list of freely available one-shot theatre-style scenarios here:

    I can recommend some specific ones for your group size, gender-blance and genre preference if you want.

    And having seen your previous post on one-shots and complexity: its only complex if you want it to be. Most of those larps use extremely simple systems, with no more rules than absolutely necessary. But then, most of them aren't trying to do one-off WoD-style vampire, or abstract it away to "this character is super-tough, so they win all ties or automatically defeat characters with a lesser rating or can retest x times" or equivalent)

    1. WoD LARPs are the pits for running one shot LARPs. Having only run campaign games, I had no idea how much they are the pits. In a campaign LARP the players have time to slowly learn the rules of their sheet while in a one shot you're limited if you don't know what it means and there's less time to explain it.

      My preferred LARP style is generally more akin to murder mysteries or games with some form of investigative element, which leads to a time investment in decent props. I would be interested in seeing some free LARP information on either investigative games (rather than purely PvP social games) and fantasy-style modules.

      One thing's for certain, I won't be going with complex rules again for a one shot!

    2. Which is a good policy for tabletop as well. :) Drop-in games (e.g. at cons) which do have complex rules should generally say so.

      And yes to zombie bashing. The main problem is getting enough zombies.

    3. Could always make it so that those who die have to come back! Again and again! But yeah, definitely a tricky one. Any major PvE boffer LARP has trouble with getting enough antagonists.