Friday, June 15, 2012

Dystopic Campaign Rules Tinkering

In my new Dystopic World of Darkness campaign, I've been making some adjustments to the rules to better reflect the type of game I want to run. I figured I'll include them here in case you want to use these house rules:

Teamwork Experience. Basically, if the characters demonstrate good tactics or good teamwork, they gain bonus experience points that will be kept in the Teamwork pool. The purpose for this is to purchase tactics (from Hunter: the Vigil), upgrade equipment or purchase better baseline equipment, site merits, and other group merits. It's basically like Arcane Experience but for encouraging teamwork.

Clue Tokens will be making a return.

Resources will be a Requisitions style merit to show how good they are at requisitioning certain equipment, fancy clothes, and nice cars for their various assignments.

Old World of Darkness style flaws are making a return but also cover such things as retainers, allies, and contacts under a general name of Plot Points. How and why? Well, since this is a globe-trotting campaign, there's only so much focus the game will have and this is my way of discouraging the players from laying their mark on a number of NPCs and claiming them. The other thing is that, in truth, while those useful and friendly NPCs that are claimed as Flaw Points are helpful, they've also got a mind of their own and can get themselves into trouble. The care and attention they require also simply mean that some energy and effort have to be expended on them.

This doesn't mean I'll make them all pains in the neck, just that they're, well, plot even when they're happy and friendly. These Plot Points can be bought at the start of play and earn the player additional merit points to spend on various merits. If resolved (or the NPC dies) they can then get themselvs a new one.

I'm inventing a Hacking Style for our resident Hacker. I'll post the rules once its done.

I'm editing Demonic Lores and have even introduced a new one to bring it more in line with the somewhat superhero vibe of the game (the Dystopic Campaign will have a variety of different styles within it depending on sector).

Plus, I'm going with the idea put forward in the Assassin's Creed Translation about stealth kills. Basically, you don't have to erode a person's health to 0 to kill them nor max out a few fighting styles. You just have to succeed on three consecutive rolls in such a way that that the enemy is unaware and you strike them in just the right place.

So those are all the main tinker points thus far. I'll let you know if more come up.

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