Monday, June 18, 2012

WoD To Do With Clan Daeva, Part 3

So we've taken a look at Daeva moods, themes, and plot hooks and Daeva goals, motivations, and daily activities. I have a tendency to play Clan Daeva. Oh, I'll play other clan members as well but Daeva just really work for me. I think it's because they trick themselves into believing they feel emotions because their echoes play out more frequently. I like that. I find playing sociopaths generally dull. Having said that, my first Daeva character was a sociopath even as a human (non-violent, just lacked compassion and depth of emotion) so I guess I like to contradict myself.

Five Evocative Locations

The Art Deco Jazz Club: This beautiful, old-fashioned building, has an art deco facade and interiors that are decked out in creamy carpets and heavy wood. Glass chandeleirs hang from ceiling roses and lamps sit upon each table, providing ambient lighting in all of the right places, while a beautiful woman croons into a microphone on stage and a man in a three piece suit plays piano behind her.

The Art Gallery: With its stone colonnade around the front and many rooms filled with impressive paintings and stuffed, circular loungs, this is the sort of place where the rich, the influential, and the beautiful can rub elbows and feel like they truly matter in a world that values appearance over all.

The Race Track: During the day at the right times, this place is filled with jostling humans. Sometimes at night as well, especially during smash em up derbies. This place with its benches and few brick buildings is perfect for a group of Daeva who want to indulge their gluttony or adrenaline-echo urges with high speed races that are highly unlikely to kill them ... even if they crash.

The Yacht: Stylish, sophisticated, and potentially stormwracked if they're after some extra adrenaline-echoes at the time, the yacht gives Daeva an interesting place to gather and gossip away from prying eyes. The deck can also be more easily washed clean of blood, where necessary.

The Revolving Restaurant: A high place to view the city's sparkling lights, plus a rather unique experience as the top floor restaurant turns, this is the kind of thing that younger kindred may well rave about while still being stylish enough for the elders to somewhat enjoy.

Five NPCs

James Tyler: Embraced in the 1940s as a nomad monster hunter as part of a sire-childe pair, this kindred signed up with the Invictus for a nice pretense to run messages and gain access to finances. Recently though, he's moved into the city and set up shop as a private investigator which gives him a good pretext to eye off odd locations without too much attention from the higher ups.

Danny: Embraced at the tender age of 17 when he followed a pair of hunters into the wrong place, he was Embraced by accident when he was caught in the line of fire and an inexperienced vampire tried too hard to ghoul him and instead burned that willpower dot and made him a vampire. He's energetic and often confused, with little composure and a whole lot of resolve that allows him to fixate on whatever he's interested in at the time. He's a Carthian more by personality than any real ideology.

Julia Dannenburg: With Sloth as her vice, this Daeva has a habit of saying the more irritating things in a weary monotone as though the people she's talking to really just aren't worth the effort. As an Ordo Dracul, she always tries to get other people to do her work for her and then claim the credit.

Vivian Rogers: A Toreador Carthian through and through, he's obsessed with art work and anarchism so he mixes with uni students, artists, and the disaffected young adult culture, slowly grooming them to take on more ... active forms of protest to truly capture the attention of the world. To him, there'd be nothing better than claiming praxis against the backdrop of a city riot.

Gloria Brown: The typical Daeva Invictus. She's cool, calm, and collected, and tries not to let anything ruffle her but has a tendency to hold grudges for a very, very long time. She does what she's told, always speaks with impeccable politeness, and tries to distinguish herself from the riff raff that surrounds her.

Lit - Miserable
The Only Hope For Me Is You - My Chemical Romance
3oh 3 feat kesha - My first kiss
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Please don't leave me - Pink
Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Amanda Palmer - Runs in the Family
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
Knight Moves - Suzanne Vega
STARFUCKERS, Incorporated-Nine Inch Nails

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