Monday, June 4, 2012

WoD To Do With Clan Daeva, Part 2

In the first installment we looked at Themes, Moods and Plot Hooks so it's time to look at the next stage about just how those cold-blooded hotties deal with their everlasting existence and just what sort of things do they pack into their time.

Nightly Activities:

1. Putting their Barfly merit or other schmoozing skills to good use to get vitae for themselves and coterie-mates.

2. Indulging, or intentionally avoiding, their vice. So feeding more often than need be, or avoiding potential targets. Gambling away substantial income, or avoiding gambling places and the lure of the pokie machines.

3. Wandering the streets of the city, cocksure and confident that despite the fact that you exude a sexual appeal to most who look at you, anyone who accosts you will be in serious trouble due to your boosted physical prowess.

4. Provide bodyguard duty to a kindred, perhaps Daeva or Ventrue or Mekhet, who like to have someone fast and strong to defend them without being too uncouth (read ugly or bestial).

5. Converting humans into their gangs, businesses, or other such institutions to boost their power base.

6. Spending time with their kindred allies to help cement those ties and ensure that they're at the center of everything and the one least likely to be tossed to the lions. Do this by simply entertaining the others and being useful on occasion. You know you're superior. You don't have to be haughty like the Ventrue and ensure that everyone else knows it as well.

7. Attend the odd Ventrue gathering because you're the only other clan with the style that deserves to go there.

8. In places without late-night shopping, connive ways to go to shops that are closed at night. Either by tracking down the owners and doing some light convincing or perhaps using eBay and sending out your measurements.

9. Destroying any photography that is made of you before it goes up on Facebook. Parties tend to be full of camera-happy fools and what happens in Vegas stays on Blogger, Google, and Facebook.

10. Reassure each ghoul that THEY are the most special and important ghoul in your service but that simpering fools aren't all that appealing, though. Alternatively, just slowly destroy their ego and choose another one when your current ghouls are useless wastes.

Goals / Motivations:

1. Gain access to a location through using your wiles and elite social skills on a security guard or other important person there.

2. Learn an important secret from a position holder by discreetly asking questions at all the right places and folding them into long and thrilling conversations so that the interviewee's don't think too much into what they've said.

3. Gain influence over the childe of a prominent court member through the judicious use of disciplines, apparent helpfulness, and a willing ear.

4. Convert someone else's retainer into your own services ... just to show that you can.

5. Teach another kindred a less violent and icky way to feed, especially Nosferatu, in order to gain yourself some favor over them. Perhaps even groom them a herd for their use (ideally with a few spies inserted that you might make us of on occasion).

6. Retain some non-predatory relation with a human being in order to prove to yourself that undeath is like life, just with perks, right? *crying tears of blood* Right?

7. Survive various Daeva parties with your Humanity intact, even though the particular purpose of this one is all about indulgence. Or perhaps throw such a series of parties to suitably impress all the most important people.

8. Prove to a certain pack of Gangrel that just because you're a Daeva doesn't mean you're some kind of face-powdering pansy. You're stronger and faster than any of them.

9. Win a duel against a snooty Invictus Ventrue to prove that they're really nothing compared to Daeva finesse and might.

10. Join an influential Daeva bloodline by proving yourself to the upper echelons of the bloodlines' membership.

I always find Daeva to be a nice contradiction. They're painted as being pretty boy Toreador Mark II by a lot of the other clans but they are potentially more motivated to do violence (Wrath, Pride, and Envy can all certainly lead to violence or at least confrontation) and have two physical disciplines that enable them to do violence very well. Protean is more lasting in its effects but a Gangrel's resilience allows them to take pain rather than dish it out so well. It's kind of awesome that they have one of the beautiful sophisticates also be such potential badasses. I think it's one of the reasons why I love Clan Daeva so much.

But then again, I love all of the clans except for Nosferatu that I think got a bit gypped in Requiem. The Masquerade version of bitter and insular spy networks who live where no one else wants to go to be much more effective and with broader appeal than off-putting physical representations of the monstrousness inherent in all vampire kind. Brutish monsters just aren't as appealing to me. Yes, you can do more with them but, let's face it, most of the Nosferatu stuff is just about the fact they're scary. That's all very well and nice but what do they do when they're not out being scary? I mean, it hardly sounds like a full-time job to me.

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